Carys is in Chile, bacan!

by Carys Dexter

Hi everyone

Thought an update on how life is in Chile is well overdue!! I’ve been here in Santiago de Chile for almost 4 months now, studying at uni here as part of my normal degree that i normally do in Birmingam, England. I’m living with a lady called Mari and her 17year old daughter in a small apartment on the ground floor – which means we have a cool little patio and lemon tree! I’ve been going to an anglican church which meets round the corner from my house and the youth Bible study on friday nights. This is invariably followed by compulsive 24 watching into the early hours… and getting big sandwish takeouts – huge bread rolls filled with LOTS of meat, and usually tomato, cheese and avocado (or palta as its called here – Chileans eat palta with EVERYTHING!!)

At uni my courses include quechuan language and culture (incas etc), the hispanoamerican ensayo (or essay) and “chilean culture” where we’ve looked at everything from history to literature to the environment. I only have classes 2 days a week and so have been volunteering at a childrens home near the uni, helping with homework (trying to teach maths in spanish proves interesting at times!!) and playing games. Its challenging but fun. My spanish is improving and proves interesting as chilean spanish isnt spanish at all but a whole new language pretending to be spanish (im convinced of it!! 🙂 ) they are lots of chilenismos (purely chilean words) and they speak very quickly without opening their mouths or pronouncing half the letters of the alphabet – so it can be fun!!

We are now in spring, and its lovely and warm, usually between 24-33 degrees so am enjoying the sunshine. Santiago is a busy all-go city and its nearly impossible to escape the noise of traffic, and so have enjoyed travelling and seeing more of Chile (as well as Peru and Argentina and a return to Bolivia)

I am coming home for christmas in four weeks which I’m looking forward to. Things after that are very unsettled at the moment – I still dont know when I’m coming back to South America for the second semester or where I’ll be living etc… so prayer would be appreciated.

God is good!

Lots of love


ps – “bacan” is chilean slang for cool or great, and my new favourite word… see you soon x xx

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