Worship gigs???


Calling all deep thinkers, well maybe not deep thinkers, shallow thinkers will do ok. Ok, calling all people with too much time on their hands or like gazing out of windows when they should be doing something else.

Here’s my point for discussion; I’ve always been troubled by the use of the term ‘worship gig’ it seems a bit of an oxymoron. How can a gig, which is primarily seen as a performance, and therefore ultimately about the performer, be an act of worship.

This isn’t just the hypothetical meanderings of an addled mind, you may beg to differ, but it does have a practical root,  in that I do find it difficult when trying to explain or advertise what Evaburn as a band does. I find myself using the word gig as it is something of a handle which people, especially non-churched people, are able to grasp. But it does grate a bit.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated and I’ll give a Jaffa cake to anyone who can come up with a better term. 


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  1. hannahj Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jaffa cake

  2. hannahj Says:

    i know what you mean though. getting the ‘Christian’ bit across along with a hook that pulls in non-christians too.
    GIG is much better than EVENT. unless Evaburn have Graham Kendrick in as support. it sounds like there’d be a speaker and serve tea and biscuits at the end (of course that’s fine on certain occassions!)
    How about ‘experience’ – “Evaburn’s Christian rock worship experience for the masses (will travel)”. or “the Evaburn sing-along, all wecome”
    does anyone know how Y-friday describe their gigs? as they see themselves as a worship band dont they?
    Maybe we should ask non-christians what phrasing they would be attracted to? a bit of Market research is always positive.
    i sometimes think a venue can play a part in this. like the description it can mean different things to different people; church, pub, top of a mountain, side of a road.
    Mark 16:15 says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” so how does that get brought in with our churchy words and happy clappy nature (hee hee!), because maybe ‘gig’ is a some sort of middle ground/comprimise (as in meeting people where they are, using language they relate to)? then we have to ask our selves, is middle ground good enough?
    i’m not sure if i’m a deep thinker, a shallow thinker or just flailing around in a sea of randominity.

  3. Mark joes Says:

    Never mind “gig” I am still pondering the true meaning of Hannah’s “randominity”

    Actually I think gig is fine as a description. It is what happens when Evaburn actually play which counts. Like when people are engaged in worship through the lyrics and melodies, and when others are challenged by the Holy Spirit as they encounter God in a way they did not expect.
    We have to use the contemporary medium just as the Wesleys did all those years ago penning hymns to popular tunes of their day
    When is the CD being released?

  4. Mark - slightly off the rails Says:

    What is a ‘gig’?!! Sorry, I think that shows my age!

    I can remember going to an amazing CONCERT by Christian songwriter Michael Card some years ago – for me that was a very worshipful event.
    I suspect many folk who go to CONCERTS by Chris Tomlin & other contemporary Christian singers thin the same.

    I suspect that some concerts can become times of worship for some folk, although for it to be truly Christian worship, the focus and glory has to be on Christ.

    I wonder if a way forward is to ask –
    * are you primarily seeking to lead others in worship (i.e worship leading), where the focus is NOT on you, and you have a responsibility to the other people present, or
    * are you doing a performance (i.e. gig), where the focus is on YOU and what you are doing (whilst recognising that some folk might find themselves worshipping Christ.

    Bye the way – I think Michael Card rocks (but that also shows my age!)

  5. Tim Crahart Says:

    Some interesting thoughts!

    Hannah – Experience…It’s all a bit Jimi Hendrix and would work much better for Graham Kendrick i.e. ‘The Graham Kendrick Experience’. I can’t wait to see him play his Takamine with his teeth. And you’ve given the world the term ‘Randominity’. Your talents know no end.

    I suppose I should qualify my use of the term gig. In my mind gig and concert can be used interchangeably (which I do believe to be a real word). So my concerns about using term worship gig would be just the same for worship concert.

    To your comment Mark.T (too many Marks) I should’ve clarified that Evaburn are a worship band so when we put on events/experiences/gigs/concerts we are seeking to lead people in worship. We accept that people who come along may not be Christians, which is something we wholeheartedly embrace, so we accept that they might be coming just to watch a band but in terms of lyrical content and emphasis, we are there to worship God and to facilitate anyone else in the room to do the same, if they wish to.

    Oh and Y-Friday call their events gigs. I don’t know if that adds any creedance to the discussion but I thought I’d chuck that in seeing as I’d gone to the trouble to find out!

    So, if I’m correct, we’ve got two thumbs up for the use of ‘worship gig’ so far.

  6. Julian Says:

    What’s in a name (a rose by any other …)?

    Seems to me it’s all about the difference between expectation and experience. Get more than you expected and the experience is good. When it’s the other way it’s bad – and (in the case of an Evaburn “gig”) maybe you get turned-off Jesus rather than attracted to him.

    So what do people expect from an Evaburn gig? My guess is that for most audiences the expectation is good if not great music (define “good if not great”!). The extent to which that expectation is fulfilled perhaps determines the extent to which they give Evaburn permission to witness to Jesus.

    Is there a better term than gig? Maybe for some audiences there might be – but to answer the question more precisely I think you’d have to specify the target audience.

    No Jaffa Cake for me then!

  7. hannahj Says:

    does this mean i win the jaffa cake? are they suitable for veginarians? (of course dad cant win, he’d have to have a digestive biscuit, or donate the jaffa cake to me – if it’s suitable for vegenarians).
    Mark T should have half a jaffa cake for saying he went to a Michael card concert, but neglecting to mention going to watch the World Wide Message Tribe.

  8. xheight Says:

    Gig’s, Concerts, Events!!!! C’Mon man lets get down and have a “HAPPENING” man.

    Peace and Love Man


  9. Laurie Marks Vincent Says:

    Gig just means you’re booked somewhere. Granted it is a “slang” used mostly (I think) so you don’t sound so stuffy. Yeah I’m cool with that.

    However one pastor used the term “ministry opportunity” in one of his references of my ministry. I then began using the term “ministry portfolio” when referring to my press kit. The two terms come across with appeal implying a serious persuit for ministry, not just a gig.

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