3! Predictable!

by Colin Dexter

Week starting: 15th September

What happened

This week is described by the college as an induction week, and it has been the first week when I have actually felt that I have started doing Agape youth work. The ideas and plans became groups and sessions, and meetings happened with outside agencies that mean I can do all of the things I’ve been thinking about and talking about for months.

Sparx was on Monday, we had a bumper number of kids turn up, hitting about 16 I think, and it went really well.

I finally met with the assistant head of the comprehensive on Tuesday. It was interesting to find out that the area they needed someone to be working was with the higher achievers in all years, but especially in year 11 as they approach their GCSE’s. As a result I will be meeting with 24 expected high achievers next week (hopefully) and setting up monthly mentoring sessions for the young people. How exciting!

Unfortunately I had neglected to write ‘Tea at the Dexter’s’ in my diary, (Sorry again Deb!) so I missed that on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday I had lots of visitors, including Anne Jones who is now my

‘pastoral supporter’ – the name my college give to a mentor’y type person. (Probably a good thing they use that name, mentor’y type person doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!)

Deb led the youth cell on Wednesday evening, as we looked at Revelation 1. It was a good session with questions flying everywhere.

Thursday evening was the first younger cell group, we had a good number for the first night, although there were some concerns by parents about it being in someone’s house, so we need to think about using the TLC café for this group.

On Friday I did a final tidy up of Karen’s house before she came back. At 11 I had my first line manager meeting with Tim. I spent the afternoon catching up on some reading for university on Monday and then later in the evening Jon Rowlands and myself went out on to the streets to do some detached work. While we were out we met a group of young people who at first seemed very wary of two adults coming to say hi, (as they should be!) but when we saw them a little later on they chatted to us a little more.

We also met the police community support officer, Jason, who may well pop in for a cup of tea on Sunday morning! Say hi! It was a horrible evening for detached work with the rain but it turned out well. This is going to become a regular activity on a Friday evening, and with another volunteer/more time put in it will hopefully happen on a Thursday evening as well.

What’s coming up next week?

I am in college on Monday and Tuesday next week, but will returning for the TLC committee meeting on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday I will be volunteering in the TLC café, going along to the youth group in the evening, and then up to youth cell with Colin and Deb.

I hope that the meeting I am waiting for at the school will be on Thursday morning, and there is the younger cell in the evening. This is our first look at who Jesus is!

On Friday I may/may not be in the school in the morning, but will otherwise be found in the TLC café. With the detached session in the evening my week is complete!

Prayer points

· Please pray for the younger group as we take a look at the bible, for some it is the first time, for others the 101st time! Pray for consideration to those to whom it is new, and for the chance to go a little deeper with those who have heard it all before.

· Pray also for the detached sessions, primarily that we are safe, but also for the young people – that they will enter into conversation with us, and get to know us a bit.

· Praise God for his provision this week, in volunteers, petrol, and satsuma’s!!!

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