Fellow Agapites


Hello! What a lovely way to keep in touch with you seeing as I’m in a different country and all. I hope you’re all well and enjoying Wales. England is cold and full of people who suddenly like rugby!!

I’m busy-ish job hunting and decorating. Prayers for a job would be much appreciated! (specifically, the ‘right job’ if that’s any help!)

So, I thought I’d tell you a it about what I’ve been up to as I rarely see any of you 🙁

Having finished working for Ambassadors in Sport in May I enjoyed a month off before going to the US with them to coach Americans the sport they call “soccer”. I saw God do some amazing stuff in, through and around me. Some examples being (apart from getting a tan which is a miricle in itself!) the wonderful nature I saw – from the huge, beautiful waterfalls to 2 giant dragonflies having ‘fun’ in mid air; the many kids giving their lives to God; and the chance to stand in front of over 400 kids over the 5 weeks and tell them that I knew God loves me and that He loves them too, no matter what mistakes we make He’s faithful and never stops loving us. Awesome God. Awesome privilege!

Since coming back I’ve seen how much I’ve grown this past year. In church I am leading worship and trying to teach some new songs (at first it was quite daunting being up there alone but now I’m gutted when someone else gets to do it!!!), I’m due to do some kind of pastoral course in January, am doing a theology course, enjoying helping at youth club and looking to what the future holds with excitement and ambition! More importantly I know God better and want to know Him even more!

So, I’m glad I get to contact you guys via t’net. Let me know your news – The Family keep me pretty well informed and it’s cool to hear Sparx is going great!

Stay cool agape-ers,

love cej

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  1. Liz Says:

    Hi there Ceri. Good to hear from you all the way up north!
    Thanks for keeping us updated with what you’ve been up to this year, I was wondering what your plans are for the next 6 months and if there was anything we could do to pray for you/support you in anyway?
    Take care and keep in touch.
    Liz xx

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