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Youth in and out of Agape

by Liz Owen

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Sermon – Give what is RIGHT, not what is LEFT


Here is a short follow up to my sermon last week, with the main points.

The primary motivation for giving to the local church is – because you have a close relationship with Jesus.

Secondly – be practical. However, I’m not sure I was practical enough. So, here are three hot practical tips.

1. Decide whether you want to give. If you love Jesus, you will want to. If you feel ‘guilty’ you’ll want to (although that is not a good reason to give).

2. Decide how much you are going to give (5%, 10% 20% from net income, gross income, assets, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) – whatever you decide, just do it – find a process that enables it to happen e.g.. Standing Order, Direct Debit, monthly cheque.

3. Forget about how much you are giving until this time next year, then reconsider it again.

Sermon – God with us / God in us


Following Deb’s sermon this morning (The Holy Spirit – God with us / God in us), here are some random thoughts.


I’m so glad Deb mentioned the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy – One God in Three persons (aka Blessed Trinity). It reminded me of one of my favourite words from Bible College – PERICHORESIS. This word conveys the idea of ‘mutual indwelling’ – the inner relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwelling in one another.

So what? Well, we are familiar with phrases like – ‘knowing God’s will’, ‘following Christ’, ‘being in step with the Spirit’ and others. Bring each aspect together in a trinitarian way, scholar Paul Fiddes talks of the Christian as ‘entering into the dance of God’.

Anyone for dancing?

Evaburn lead worship at Agapé, Sunday 3rd Feb!

by Hannah Pinkstone

On Sunday 3rd February Agapé’s Sunday morning service will be led by Evaburn. Incorporating Evaburn’s songs and testimonies, the band would like to invite you to join us!

If you regularly attend Agapé then you’ll know myself and Tim are part of Evaburn, along with Colin (bass) and Harvey (drums). Our aim is to bless you with the music that God has given us and used to bless us as a band.

We’ve added some new songs to the set list and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you and worshipping God together.

Invite friends, invite family, invite strangers!

visit the Evaburn page on this site and our Myspace page:

2 Chronicles chapter 20 speaks of how God protected and provided for his worshippers; people who loved him and recognised him as the authority in their lives. The chapter shows us that we should worship God whether we are being attacked by the world (vs 2-4…), going into difficult situations (vs21-22), coming out the other side(vs24-26) or resting in God’s love (v.30)
read the whole chapter at:;&version=31