I made it back!


Hi people!

So, I never got kidnapped (you wanna ask for your money back Hannah!) I look forward to proving that to you when I come home next week. I should have some photos too so you’ll be able to see me in a tank, with a street kid and fighting a policeman with cake (and losing).

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. On the whole health was pretty good, quite a lot of work got done, the house in Manchester was alright, God did amazing stuff but, my suntan isn’t as impressive as I’d of liked (was this not a high priority in your prayer lives?!?!)

Most of you probably know the flight home took longer than it should have done. We all got tired and frustrated and bags got lost. A few of us have now got our bags and the flight home was good when we got it but as far as I know some people are still waiting for suitcases.

So for now it’s back to my ‘normal’ life. I’ve had a job interview, (though I’m still looking to move out of Manchester), I’m falling off chairs (injuring myself and breaking the wall), getting new glasses, playing hockey and baking cakes!

I’ve also had the 1st of 3 Hep B injections… just in case I ever go out to Haiti again…

4 Responses to “I made it back!”

  1. Mark (slightly off the rails) Thomas Says:


    It’s good to have you back & thanks for sharing with us on Sunday.

    Hannah has done a good job with the photos – they’re very good (although they do seem to be a predominance of you sleeping!)

    Best wishes with the job hunting.

  2. cej Says:

    Dear Mark Thomas,

    Two is not a predominance.

    Love Ceri

  3. hannahj Says:

    in defense of my sister…

    nah, cant be bothered – she sleeps funny hours and she can sleep standing up.

    she doesnt snore but (and this will be no surprise to most of you) she can talk in her sleep.

  4. cej Says:

    seems I have to defend myself…

    nah, i can’t be bothered either.

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