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Extol the Lord at all times – Psalm 34

by Colin Dexter

David wrote this Psalm when he was being chased by King Saul & then being potentially persecuted by the King he had decided to temporarily stay with. An “act” literally of insanity enabled him to escape. Psalm 34 is his response.

Extol is a word we don’t use very much these days. Think of Extol  like a stew with the following ingredients:- “give thanks”, “praise highly”, “Celebrate”, “Exalt”, “Bless”. ie Ultimately recognising Gods Holiness & worthiness to be worshipped.

by Colin Dexter

Christmas Baptismal

Childish or Childlike?

by Colin Dexter

See Matthew Chapter 18.

The disciples were keen to jockey for position in what they perceived was  a new kind of kingdom.

Yes, there is a new kind of kingdom but there is an attitude of humility that has to be adopted. A small child is dependent on his/her parents for food & clothing & life decisions. There is no house , no car, no job , no big bucks to give a feeling of status. In fact children can often be completely ignored.

This is a level playing field where we are all invited to enter the kingdom of God not because of who we are but because of who Jesus is.

Thanks IR  Great Preach!!

Famine or Celebration?

by Colin Dexter

Luke 15. Are  we in a place of famine or celebration. The prodigal son realised his need & came back to the father who loved him as he was. How do we view God’s love and forgiveness?

What does celebration look like in our circumstances because its doesn’t always feel like a party!!

The older brother despite being with the father was also in a kind of “famine”.

How do we move to that place of celebration(Joy) in our lives??

Thanks CW.