Transformation through encounter

by Colin Dexter

The first time I saw Jesus Christ I was surprised. I was sitting on the stairs when he appeared, wearing a white robe that wasn’t a robe – it was light. I told my husband ” I saw Jesus” but he said that I was always talking about Christians and that it was probably just an illusion. But I knew it was Him. I just knew .

Fatima- not her real name- has a testimony that is increasingly common today. Born into a Sunni family in Northern Iraq, she is one of countless Muslims whose lives were transformed following a supernatural encounter with Jesus.

With half a smile and a matter of fact delivery, she explains how her first vision of Jesus was followed with a second the very next day. This time she shared it with a friend who was a Christian, who told her that it was a miracle as Jesus does not appear to just anybody.

The third time I saw Hi  I was  sick. he came and held my hand and said ‘My daughter, do not worry, I will take care of you’ I did not know how to pray but I said ‘I want my life to change’ There were some struggles that I was going through in my life at that time’


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