Turning Up in surprising places?

by Colin Dexter
Dr. Jim Denison | November 28, 2016
I have been to Cuba eight times over the last sixteen years, so the passing of Fidel Castro was especially significant for me. When I first visited Cuba, I was shocked by what I encountered. Knowing the persecution Christians have faced since Castro took power in 1959, I expected the church to be struggling and discouraged.

I found the exact opposite to be true.

More than a million Cubans have come to Christ in recent years. In the face of continuing government opposition, Cuban Christians serve Jesus with a joy I cannot describe in words. I’ve preached on six continents and can testify that the church in Cuba is more like the New Testament church than any I have encountered anywhere.

We should not be surprised that Jesus would show up in surprising places. That’s been his strategy for twenty centuries.

Welcome to the first Monday of Advent, the most surpris

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