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by Colin Dexter

Flowering plants appeared on Earth relatively recently on a geological timescale, then swiftly diversified in an explosion of colour, shape and form.

“In the fossil record they appear very suddenly in the Cretaceous, , and they appear in considerable diversity,” (in keeping with what its says in Genesis 1 )

Darwin was deeply bothered by how flowering plants conquered the world seemingly in the blink of an eye, This problem preyed his mind in his final months.”

So we ask an evolutionary biologist. IS THE MYSTERY SOLVED?

In short, no. “One hundred and forty years later, the mystery’s still unsolved,”

Prayer in hard times

by Colin Dexter

Praying can often feel difficult when we’re experiencing exhaustion, anger or despair. Many of us will have only seen an increase in these emotions over this last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, on top of life’s other challenges.No matter what was going on in the world, Jesus would slip away and pray (Luke 5:16). Even when he was scared (Mark 14:32), Jesus prioritised time with the Father. It sustained him. And we can get the same peace, strength, purpose and joy from following his example and keeping a rhythm of prayer, even when times are difficult.

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Encouragement in hard times

by Colin Dexter


by Colin Dexter