What are Giveaways?

Giveaways are our way of showing people that God loves them. We take an inexpensive gift and we call on people in their homes on the Ty-Sign estate. We tell them that we are visiting with a gift that is just a small token from us to show them God’s love.

When do Giveaways take place?

We try to visit on a regular basis so that we can get to know people and they can learn more about God and about us as individuals. We believe going out to meet people where they live is what Jesus did. It brings Jesus straight to them, making him more accessible if they have never visited a church.

We go around the estate in 3 groups; the current teams are Tim and Hannah, Ann and Cindy and Sheila and Mark. We all enjoy going out into the community to meet people many of whom are now our friends. We have had the privilege of praying with some and leading others to know Jesus for themselves.

Tim works on the estate one day a week as a Community Link Worker. Since October 2006 we have seen more people helped than ever before as he has the time required to follow up on the needs we discover through Giveaways.

“I love Giveaways because I can talk to people and I love it when I can tell them about Jesus and how he loves me and them. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Cindy

“I’m so glad Sheila and Mark kept visiting me because I now know God and I understand what I believe and why. I was baptised in September 2006. Living for God affects all of my life and he is changing me for the better.” Karen