It is with great sadness that I come to the end of my two year placement with Agape Community Church. It has been a great two years,m with it’s ups and downs, but I hope to go out with a bang!

Over the two years alot has happened. I got married for one! My name is now Rebecca Casson. I like it!!!

Flame was created, although it too k us a while to settle on the name. Over 18 girls have come through flame, and I know that I have enjoyed every minute of running it! Big thanks to Sheila and Cindy for all their help and support! Couln’t have done it without you!

The mentoring work at Risca Comprehensive went from strength to strength as I was given over 40 students to mentor. It was great to see the first year going on to higher education after getting what they needed at GCSE. Many of these students had been dispondent about college, not knowing what to do, and in some cases not really bothered! It was fantastic to see them a little excited about the future!!

Another higlight for me was last years 418. I am very passionate about seeing people coming together for God to work in his name, declaring his glory and that’s what we did! God is good! All the time! Thanks to everyone wo made it such a sucess last year. Here’s to anther fantastic 418 this year!

418 is a great project. I hope you will get involved! I really feel that this is a God willed project, becasue I am sure we have not done all we have in our own strength!

Thanks to Agape for allowing me to share the last two years with you. I have learned so much and grown in so many ways.