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CAP (Christians against poverty)

by Colin Dexter

CAP is a debt counselling charity. That means that when someone is struggling with their debts, they can come to it and they will take on all the paperwork and phonecalls on your behalf. If a creditor calls someone who is under our care, that person just needs to point the creditor in the direction of CAP and they negotiate on your behalf.-

And of course it’s free – no charge for people for using the services.-Please – if you know anyone who is struggling with money, send them the phone number – 0800 328 0006.


by Colin Dexter


by Colin Dexter

For everyone who has prayed sometime in their life this must be part of their experience of praying

Listen to session 5 of the prayer course on this topic

Wednesday 7.30pm online with Zoom to discuss wthe others

Use contact form for link


by Colin Dexter

The Risca CAP Debt Centre working in partnership with the Risca Foodbank is able to help anyone who is struggling for food right now and is in need of a bit of help. Please contact me by email at or text me on 07549 900288 if you need foodbank support. We cover Rogerstone and all the NP11 post code area. We will help to get you a food parcel. The Foodbank doors are closed but the Foodbank is very much still open. We also deliver to your door. Stay safe.


by Colin Dexter

North Korea often makes headlines these days for its human rights abuses, nuclear proliferation, and persecution of Christians. The news tends to portray the North as an ‘Axis of Evil’, but there is much more to this country and the divided Korean peninsula. The church is alive and well in North Korea, but hidden, impoverished, and persecuted. The prayer for many years has been for reunification of the two Koreas. What would this look like, and what would it mean for the Korean church, and the global church?

(Lausanne Global Classroom)


by Colin Dexter

It is true that often when we pray it is to ask God to help us in a time of difficulty , whether its financial or health or employment or other areas of need. Its as if we only pray when we want or need something.

The Bible talks about a time before “sin” became part of the fabric of this world, when God came down in the cool of the day for a “chat ” (Prayer) with the present incumbents of earth.

We can guess that those conversations were not requests for health or food or need as there was no “sin”. They would have been healthy in mind and body with a God given purpose on earth. What would the conversation (prayer) have been like?

Yes, God is a holy awesome God and we must be careful in our approach but the Bible also says that if we repent, confess our sins , and receive his forgiveness and receive the Holy Spirit God calls us his family & friends and we can address Him as our Father.

Prayer then becomes a normal conversation , like a father speaking to a growing child, like a growing child speaking to His Father.


by Colin Dexter

The Sessions

The Prayer Course is split into eight sessions:


by Colin Dexter

Continuing with our Kick Start series on “Looking after our Mental Health and Wellbeing”. Next Tuesday 8th September at 7.30pm we will be looking at “Handling Habits”.We have all experienced huge changes to the way we lived our lives before Covid-19 and those changes may have brought about new or different habits. For instance a rise in your internet spending, comfort eating or drinking.In this weeks session we aim to equip you to better understand your habits and to avoid triggers or change in behaviour in response to triggers.This presented via Zoom. Don’t worry if you have missed one as each session is a stand alone. As with all our sessions they are free and are open for anyone to join.If you would like to join this session or would like to know more please email me at

KICKSTART 1st September

by Colin Dexter
Image may contain: text that says "Lets talk about LIFTING FINANCIAL PRESSURE OF PART THE Kick StatSERIES From your local church and Christians Against Poverty"


by Colin Dexter

Agapé  Community Church will be running “Kick Start” from the 25th August.  Tuesday7.30pm  (4 sessions in total)
Kick Start is an initiative that has been resourced by CAP (and it’s free) to help the Church engage and support it’s local community in dealing with issues that have arisen through the Covid-19 situation.
 Topics like “looking after our mental health and well being”, “finding work” and “making your money go further”. 
Each topic consists of several 40 min sessions held via zoom. We are starting with Looking after our Mental Health and Well Being which is four sessions covering anxiety and worry, lifting financial pressure, handling habits and finally grief and loss..

To sign up or for more information please email