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by Colin Dexter


Connect Groups

by Colin Dexter

Small groups create friendships through conversations, prayers, meals, and studies of Scripture. Friendships emerge as we sit across from each other and talk. It’s hard to pray for someone without becoming involved in their lives. It’s impossible to talk with someone without learning about each other, and it’s tough to study the Scripture with someone and not appreciate God’s work in their life.

Home Group July 9th

by Colin Dexter


Connect Group/ TLC Cafe, Ty-Sign Elm Drive

by Colin Dexter

July 9th .about 7.30-45pm

Home group meeting on Wednesday 18th June

by Colin Dexter

Connect Group meeting with Shade on Tuesday 17th June 7pm

by Colin Dexter

Thursday Cell 26th May

by Colin Dexter

Meet at TLC shop to go up the mountain!!

Carbon fast for lent


Lent is here and we all know that giving up chocolate is a real sacrifice for many but you have to admit that it’s got a little old now. So if you’re looking for a new idea, Anne Thomas’ cell group is doing a Carbon Fast for lent.

The idea is to find a new way to reduce your carbon usage for every day of lent. If you’d like to join with the group in doing this you can find out more information on the Tearfund website. Check out for ideas and information.

If you do decide to give it a go then please let us know how you are getting along.