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418 is quickly approaching. Have you filled in a form?

by Colin Dexter

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Agape Website – here is some more news about 418.

As I hope you are aware, next weekend we are embarking on a (mostly) new venture for Agape.

We have nearly 40 volunteers giving a total of 320 hours to serve our community. We have around 12 projects proposed so far, and are still accepting more to give us all something to do on Sunday afternoon.

The BBQ and band evening are all set to feed and impress… We will be joined by ‘Evaburn’ and a jazz band called ‘Close Quarters’ for an evening of band swapping entertainment. The BBQ is free to all residents and volunteers so please bring people along. There will be games and crafts for the children as well as a potential face painter – watch this space for more details!

The event is really gaining steam now as we enter into the last week of preparation.

Please pray for good weather – most (almost all) of the projects require at least dry weather, and we haven’t been seeing much of that recently. God is able!!

Also continue to pray for the residents and their acceptance and understanding of what we are doing. Our main aim is to show the awesome love of God to the community. Pray that they will have open hearts for what we are doing, and what we have to say.

Pray for the safety of the volunteers – some will be up ladders, others walking precariously close to the canal to pick up that little bit of rubbish that’s actually out of their reach! Pray for God’s protection on the volunteers as they serve, but also on the residents as they join with us to regenerate the community!

Please pray for me, Bec, that I can be more than sufficiently organised for this event – I don’t want to forget anything.

Please do remember that God is in complete control of this event, and that we want his will to be done.

In the awesome name that is above all names…


See you Friday!!!!