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The Itch & The Fingernail

by Colin Dexter

A short Drama suitable for performing in a church service

Requires 8 players

Main Points :-Nobody is insignificant in the body of Christ  If we work together, celebrating our differences, acknowledging our gifts, each bringing what we can we can achieve more. Each part of the body is important and has a role.


by Colin Dexter

by Colin Dexter

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by Colin Dexter

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Connor’s Question


Hello there,

Connor was in the car when he posed the question:
Who made God? Over to you then…
A good question from an inquisitive mind of an eight year old, so I tried my best to answer from my heart:
I told him that God started all creation and was everywhere like the air we breathe. We may not be able to see God or hear God but God is like the oxygen in our lungs he is available to us all.
This question was reflected upon at cell, Dad (Ian) was unsure how to answer it and I am aware of the spirit/person debate so over to you my learned friends for your input, how would you answer, so that Connor may be given as full an explanation to his question as possible?
Many thanks,
Kathryn (Mum)