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Risca CAP Debt Centre March 8th

by Colin Dexter

Joint meeting at Bethesda Rogerstone  7.30pm

Learn about the Debt centre and opportunities to become involved

A story from Eritrea

by Colin Dexter

T:   “While I was in jail I met some Christians who were in prison for their faith. I watched them to see how they behaved and how they talked. There was something about them that attracted me, and I began to talk to them.

‘At that time I was very lonely and empty. One of the believers lent me their Bible and I started to search for God. I read the Bible every day looking for answers and as I did this I realised that I was not living a holy life. In that dark and dirty prison cell God touched my heart, and I gave my life to Him.'”  (Release)

Cambrensis Concert Bargoed Feb 27th

by Colin Dexter

St Gwladys’ Church Bargoed

Pray for Wales

by Colin Dexter

PfW South East - Valleys 2016

Ffald-y-Brenin Conference March 8th-9th 2016

by Colin Dexter

This Year’s March Conference is titled: ‘Personal Growth in the Lord’
Tuesday afternoon March 8th – Wednesday afternoon March 9th

The March Conference is the first Ffald-y-Brenin Conference of 2016 and we are looking forward to seeing friends old and new and sharing our time together.

The title begs a lot of questions such as – what does it mean to grow in the Lord? What would it look like? What difference would it make? How do you do it without turning into someone else? Are we in danger of being overly religious? These questions and many more will be touched upon during the time together. Fuller details are available from the EVENTS page at and a booking form and help with accommodation can also be found there. Roy and Daphne Godwin will be leading this event; don’t be surprised if there is some additional input from various members of the team.

Worship Conference New Wine Cymru

by Colin Dexter

Sat 19 March
10am – 4pm

Venue 2, Swansea, SA6 8EF


by Colin Dexter

Prayer is more about making time and space to commune with God than it is about what you do or say. God can guide, speak, and give you his presence if you simply make space for him to do so. Don’t let a feeling of insecurity, doubt, or lack of knowledge keep you from talking with God. He delights in the simplicity, vulnerability, and honesty of you just wanting to talk with him.

National Pray For Wales

by Colin Dexter
Our national Pray for Wales event is on Tues 1st March!
We’d like to invite you and your church congregations to be part of this exciting event that will see churches across Wales all praying for the nation at the same time.
Everyone is encouraged to make this a special evening of prayer for Wales.
In each New Wine Cymru region there will be a celebration prayer event, 7:30-9pm and churches are invited to gather together in regions to pray.
The event in your region is at Hope Community Church, Pontypridd. (Hope Central, Old Bingo Hall, 75-77 High Street, Pontypridd, CF37 1QN)

Fasting & the New Covenant

by Colin Dexter

Fasting and the New Covenant (Exposition of Matthew 9:14-17)

Prayer -what is it?

by Colin Dexter