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Horizon 2 Horizon

by Colin Dexter

This the organisation that Phil Hefner is involved in. (Colin)

Welcome to H2H!

Reaching Today’s World

What’s It All About

We are very happy that you have decided to stop by our site to check us out!!!  So just what is The Horizon to Horizon Evangelistic Association – H2H?  First of all… we are people.  People who care about others throughout the world who have not found the wonderful experience awaiting them when they learn to know Jesus Christ as their savior, God, and friend.  We want to help you start a relationship with Jesus Christ without any preconceived notions of religion.  Look around and check out our site and learn more about us… and maybe even a little about yourself.



Where Does H2H Fit in the Plan?

 The goal of Horizon to Horizon is to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to people of all ages.  Our audience are those people whose image of Jesus Christ comes from a society where Jesus is “what my grandparents did” or whose experience with church is drawn from a vision of Christianity that is more worried about the outside than the inside or a Christianity that is so narrow that only one style of worship or music is allowed – fit in or get out.

Want to Know Christ?

Looking for something in your life to fill the emptiness but don’t know what? 

What’s it all about???  What’s the bottom line???  Simply put… Christian is FUN!!!  Today’s world increasingly believes that becoming a Christian means giving up all that makes life worth living.   This is about as far from the truth as you can get and it’s time for those of us who know the real Jesus to step up and tell them the truth. Those who know the truth have a responsibility to share the truth… that Christianity is finding a life filled with happiness and satisfaction that the world can never match.  It is time for us to show those people in this world who have been beaten up, discounted or looked down upon by religion the REAL Jesus Christ – the Jesus who loves each and every one of us no matter who we are.  That is the true Jesus Christ!!Those of us who are living in this modern, advanced society have at our fingertips things never dreamed of 50 years ago – IPods, cell phones, news and communications instantly from around the world, but even in our world of technology and “stuff” we have never been more unhappy.  People today are empty… hurting… looking for something and unfortunately our society has them looking in all the wrong places.  Newer, bigger, better, or more will not fill the emptiness we feel today.  That emptiness is a hole – A hole created in the Garden of Eden when sin entered the world and ruined our relationship with God.  And that emptiness has been with humankind ever since.  It shows up as fear, loneliness, anger, insecurity….  We try to find a cure in drugs, drinking, friendships that don’t last, relationships; but the only cure is a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only cure that will never let us down.  This is the message we need to spread to our friends, our family, our classmates, and our coworkers.  This is the message they need to hear – God Loves You.