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by Colin Dexter

Police warning Christmas 2015

I tell you the truth

by Colin Dexter

Jesus in Johns gospel answers with the phrase translated into English as ” I tell you the truth”.

In effect he says “Amen, Amen  I say unto you”

Amen means confirm, establish, verify something as truthful.

In the Verse in John 8. Jesus answered , ” I tell you the truth(Amen,Amen), before Abraham was I AM.

This was in response to the question I believe we all should ask   “Who are you?.

Jesus in effect is saying

  • I am eternal
  • I was there at the beginning
  • Through the words of my mouth creation came into being
  • I am  YWWH
  • I am the self existant one
  • I have always been and will always be
  • I am He who is




Prayer & reflection Tuesdays

by Colin Dexter

Bethany Baptist Church is open  12-2pm every Tuesday for prayer & reflection

Mens Breakfast 21st Nov

by Colin Dexter

Moriah Baptist Church Risca are having a Mens Breakfast 21st November 8.20am to 10.30m

Mens Breakfast is on Saturday 21 Nov. Our guest speaker will be sharing on ‘The day I met the President’.

by Colin Dexter

notices 8.11.15

Jesus Changes lives

by Colin Dexter

Silas is a 25-year-old Iranian convert to Christianity now living in Berlin. Why did he come to Christ? A friend loaned him a copy of God’s word. “When I started to read the Bible, it changed me. . . . At first, I didn’t want to be a Christian, I just wanted to understand it. But the more answers I got, the more I . . . realized I was finding God.”

He says that even if he were to be deported back to Iran, he would never give up his faith in Christ. Jesus changed his life, and he will pay any price to serve him now.