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New Flame Logo (and a small request)

by Colin Dexter


New logo

New Flame Logo

We are looking for some thoughts on the new logo for flame. It incorprates all that we do at flame, looking up, learning about ourselves, getting new ideas, being excited about them, asking questions, and letting the answers effect the way we treat other people! 

Hope you like it. Let us know! 

Just so you know, Flame will be expanding rapidly around June time, so if you could spare an hour on a thursday evening from 6-7 we would really appreciate some help! This could range from standing and watching, through making squash to leading a small group in a short study (all written out for you!) It looks like we could have around 16 young people so three leaders really isn’t enough! Please speak to me if you could help in any way! Thank you!


LOGOS HOPE, OM Cardiff (May 28th)

by Colin Dexter
Partner With Us

You Can Make A Difference!

This is a massive God-sized project. We welcome the partnership of friends and organisations who will embrace our vision, and work together with us to make the vision of Logos Hope a reality. There are many different ways you can be a part of this project.

Pray with us…

Prayer is at the core of all we do. Over and above our own efforts, we recognise that it is only God’s hand upon us and upon all we do that will move us forward. Challenges and needs surface from time to time (sometimes more often than we would like!), and we need to continually bring these requests before God’s throne of grace. For more news and prayer requests, sign up for our regular updates by emailing

Consider giving financially…

Every gift, big or small, helps us cover the costs of getting Logos Hope ready for service and keeping OM Ships in operation. There are various ways you, your church, or your business can give – through financial donation or sponsorship of equipment, tools and resources that we need to outfit the ship. See the Giving section for more details.

Join us…

Short and long term volunteers of all ages, and with different skills are needed to staff Logos Hope and help complete the ship’s renovations. Are you interested? Check out the Join The Crew section.

Feb To April 2009 Who is Jesus?

by Colin Dexter





Feb 8th


Baptism & Temptations of Jesus

Lk 3 v21- Lk 4 v 13

Feb 15th


Commission & Rejection of Jesus

Lk 4 v14-30

Feb 22nd


10th Anniversary


March 1st

Mark Thomas

The healing & forgiving power of Jesus

Eg Lk 5v 37-26


March 8th

Deb Dexter

The anointing of Jesus

Lk 7 v36-50

March 15th

Martin Abel

Power of Jesus

Lk 8 v 22-56

March 22nd


Confession & Transfiguration

Lk 9 v 18-36

March 29th


Tony B



April 5th



Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem & Temple Incident

Lk 19 v 28 -48

April 12th


Mark Jones

Easter. The Resurrection

Lk 22 onwards

A Resurrection Fib


A Resurrection Fib.
Luke chapter 24 verse 41 says, “The disciples disbelieved for joy”.
I’m not sure what that means either. However, I am going to think about it before next’ Sunday’s sermon. In the meantime, the phrase has prompted the following resurrection fib.
If you are not sure what a ‘fib’ is – it’s based on Fibonacci’s number sequence: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 (i.e. the next number being the sum of the two previous numbers). If you can add to my ‘fib’ or want to try one of your own, go for it.

Disbelieve for joy!
Incredulity learns to laugh,
unembarrassed by the scandal of resurrection.