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Adnewyddu Cymru – Revive Wales

by Colin Dexter

Prayer Celebration    The first prayer meeting was held on Saturday, 11th October 2008. Over 50 attended from a number of churches. The presence of God was felt thoughout the meeting and people left inspired to pray for Wales. Over 22 prayer events have been held to date. From February 2010 they became monthly, alternating between Gwent and Rhondda, Cynon, Taff areas. These events are designed to bring Christians together to pray for Wales. 


The next prayer event is Saturday, 18th June 2011, 7pm Oakdale Christian Centre, Central Avenue, Oakdale (Near Blackwood) NP12 0LN.

Latin Link Brazil

by Colin Dexter

Owain Dexter
Heres the latest report from what I’vebeen getting up to in Brazil 🙂

Latin Link – UK | Step short-term mission team reports
Read the latest news and updates from our short-term mission Step teams

Tim Crahart Blues Band

by Colin Dexter

Tim Crahart Blues Band – No Drinkin’ No Cheatin’ No Shootin’ | CROSS RHYTHMS REVIEW

Thursday Cell 26th May

by Colin Dexter

Meet at TLC shop to go up the mountain!!

Waiting on God

by Colin Dexter

What does it mean to “wait on God” ?
Psalm 61-62.

Testimony from Victory Outreach

by Colin Dexter

“one night after hearing the gospel I surrended my life to Jesus. I knew my sins were forgiven and the slate wiped clean! Jesus broke the power of my addiction, bringing freedom and peace into my life”
Extract from VOUK Easter Issue

Jesus Christ is God

by Colin Dexter

Colossians chap 1 V 5
He is the image (the Eikon – the absolute perfect expression and representation) of the invisible God.

Tim Cafe Jazz

by Colin Dexter


The Resurrection

by Colin Dexter

The resurrection, which some of us still celebrate today, symbolises the ultimate defeat of cruelty & cynical human power by a far greater force. Among other things, Easter enshrines the idea that what we do here matters somewhere else, that there is an absolute standard by which our actions are judged
(April 24th Mail on Sunday. Comment)

The Resurrection of Christ

by Colin Dexter

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is fundemental to Christianity. The Bible says that Christ died for our sins, was buried and that he was raised on the third day. He then appeared to Peter & to the twelve disciples & James and to more than 500 at the same time. (1 Corinthians 15 v3-7)