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by Colin Dexter


by Colin Dexter

by Colin Dexter

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by Colin Dexter

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by Colin Dexter


Wycliffe Bible Translators

by Colin Dexter

Some of you may remember that I worked in the Cerma (or Gouin) project for a number of years when I was in Burkina Faso. Here’s some good news for you: it’s been a long haul, but the New Testament has finally been typeset! Like all Bible translation, it has been a marathon rather than a sprint – and is definitely something to celebrate. It’s now in South Korea to be printed. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over it, and that the translated Scriptures will be received with joy, and well used. The dedication should take place some time next year, and I’m hoping things will work out for me to plan my next visit to Burkina around it.

Please pray too for renewed peace and stability in Burkina Faso, where there has been a certain amount of unrest lately. Burkina’s southern neighbour Ivory Coast may be out of the news headlines now, but still desperately needs prayer.

By the way, if any of you haven’t yet seen the latest issue of ‘Words for Life’, it has an interview with me in it. It can be downloaded from  From ( Laura D )

Prayer Request

by Colin Dexter

For Thornwell Primary School (Chepstow)that has had a serious fire that has damaged/wiped out the infant/nursery building. Please pray that they will cope over next few months as they try to sort out room for the children & that emotionally the staff/children will get through this & that they may realise that folk are praying & are behind them.
(Via TB)

Many thanks

Tony B.



Hiya people,

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve managed to book my time off work for the Haiti trip in February so thank you so much for your prayers!!

I thought this would be a good time (if not a little late!) to remind you of the link that I gave you last year…

…”If you are planning to buy any Christmas presents on-line this year, if you start from the site, and link from there to your favourite sites (Amazon, Marks & Spencer,, HMV etc) and buy as you normally would. You get the same discounts and offers, but as you started from the Haiti web shop, the Haiti Hospital Appeal will receive a donation from the site you purchase from – for free!”…

Carwyn has also asked me to make you aware of the following site…

…”as Haiti Hospital Appeal have been enterd into a competition with some other charities to see who can raise the most amount of money between now and Dec 15th.  Basically if we raise $5,000 and get 50 different supporters to sponsor us we win $2,500.  If we raise the most money over all we win $10,000, and if we recieve the most unique individual donations we win $15,000.  All you need to do is make a donation, even if it’s only £1!  The more we get the better.”

Carwyn and Reninca move out to Haiti just after Christmas for a whole year so I know they would value your prayers!!! As you can imagine things are a little hectic for them as they sort out their UK work/home/lives and get ready to move out.
The charity’s website address is and there is a small team there at the moment… so pray away!! (The team also have a blog on the website while they are away which includes some lush news about some of the children you will have heared of from my last trip).
Love you all,
See you at Christmas.

418 is quickly approaching. Have you filled in a form?

by Colin Dexter

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Agape Website – here is some more news about 418.

As I hope you are aware, next weekend we are embarking on a (mostly) new venture for Agape.

We have nearly 40 volunteers giving a total of 320 hours to serve our community. We have around 12 projects proposed so far, and are still accepting more to give us all something to do on Sunday afternoon.

The BBQ and band evening are all set to feed and impress… We will be joined by ‘Evaburn’ and a jazz band called ‘Close Quarters’ for an evening of band swapping entertainment. The BBQ is free to all residents and volunteers so please bring people along. There will be games and crafts for the children as well as a potential face painter – watch this space for more details!

The event is really gaining steam now as we enter into the last week of preparation.

Please pray for good weather – most (almost all) of the projects require at least dry weather, and we haven’t been seeing much of that recently. God is able!!

Also continue to pray for the residents and their acceptance and understanding of what we are doing. Our main aim is to show the awesome love of God to the community. Pray that they will have open hearts for what we are doing, and what we have to say.

Pray for the safety of the volunteers – some will be up ladders, others walking precariously close to the canal to pick up that little bit of rubbish that’s actually out of their reach! Pray for God’s protection on the volunteers as they serve, but also on the residents as they join with us to regenerate the community!

Please pray for me, Bec, that I can be more than sufficiently organised for this event – I don’t want to forget anything.

Please do remember that God is in complete control of this event, and that we want his will to be done.

In the awesome name that is above all names…


See you Friday!!!!

Haiti update from Ceri…

by Liz Owen

Hi everyone!

Firstly can I say thank you for the money you have given me towards my trip. It was perfect timing as the night after you had the church meeting my car got stolen so it was very good to have some encouragement!

I was also excited to see how interested everyone was in the work going on in Haiti. As you may have noticed before Christmas, I didn’t know too much about what I was getting into so a lot of what you were hearing from Martin and  Carwyn was the first time I was hearing it too. It’s strange not being at Agape very much yet getting so much support from you – a perfect example of family and community! Thank you so much! It was great to see everyone getting behind it and I can’t wait to bore you with little stories and hopefully some photos!! (Bring some popcorn as it could be a long night!)

It’s less than a week before I go and I’m so excited!! I still have so much to do (like pack. get insurance, borrow a suitcase, buy a mosquito net etc – help! I didn’t realise I had that much left to do!)

Just to put some prayer points down for you to keep in kind and occasionally utter to the Big Man:

  • I couldn’t get a Hep B injection so prayers of protection for that (as well as general health things) would be immense)
  • Flight arrangements and flight safety
  • Haiti is a dangerous place (kidnappings and the like)  so please pray for personal safety
  • I’m leaving my Manchester house relatively empty while I’m away so protection for that and for me not to worry about it!! (Also my washing machine and toilet have started leaking…little things like that!)
  • I’d really like a suntan please!

And for the not so self-centred prayer requests:

  • Prayer for Mum, Dad, Hannah etc who may be a little worried… ok, so just mum then!
  •  That lots of work on the hospital gets done
  • That we see God do lots of amazing stuff

Well, I’m off to do all the stuff I have to do so that I won’t be panicked and can just be excited!

Love to you all,


p.s. I have a new mobile number and a home number (like a real adult) Hannah or Mum/Dad should be able to pass them on. It will cost a lot to text while I’m away but before the 4th and from the 18th I’d love to hear from you!