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RIGHT To Believe (Open Doors)

by Colin Dexter

How would you feel if it was up to the government to decide what religious view you were allowed to express?
The “Defamation of Religions Resolution” has been tabled at the UN by certain countres and if passed will allow governments the power to determine which religious views can and can’t be expressed & give the right to punish “unacceptable views”. ie LEGAL Persecution!!

Signing Service

by Colin Dexter

A big thank-you to all who who came to Church this morning and entered into worship with word & signs.
Keep up the finger spelling & building vocabulary
“Jesus” “Lord” “King” “Life” “Holy Spirit” amongst others.
Well done Mark for your interpretaion of John 3 V16
& Pat for leading the service & our interpretors & those who prepared the food. Thank-you

Ethical Shopping OM

by Colin Dexter

20% of every purchase goes towards the work of OM
all producers have received fair payment for craftmanship/labour, produced in environmentally concious way & helps support low employment of under privelaged communities in the UK or other parts of the world