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Hiya people,

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve managed to book my time off work for the Haiti trip in February so thank you so much for your prayers!!

I thought this would be a good time (if not a little late!) to remind you of the link that I gave you last year…

…”If you are planning to buy any Christmas presents on-line this year, if you start from the site, and link from there to your favourite sites (Amazon, Marks & Spencer,, HMV etc) and buy as you normally would. You get the same discounts and offers, but as you started from the Haiti web shop, the Haiti Hospital Appeal will receive a donation from the site you purchase from – for free!”…

Carwyn has also asked me to make you aware of the following site…

…”as Haiti Hospital Appeal have been enterd into a competition with some other charities to see who can raise the most amount of money between now and Dec 15th.  Basically if we raise $5,000 and get 50 different supporters to sponsor us we win $2,500.  If we raise the most money over all we win $10,000, and if we recieve the most unique individual donations we win $15,000.  All you need to do is make a donation, even if it’s only £1!  The more we get the better.”

Carwyn and Reninca move out to Haiti just after Christmas for a whole year so I know they would value your prayers!!! As you can imagine things are a little hectic for them as they sort out their UK work/home/lives and get ready to move out.
The charity’s website address is and there is a small team there at the moment… so pray away!! (The team also have a blog on the website while they are away which includes some lush news about some of the children you will have heared of from my last trip).
Love you all,
See you at Christmas.

If you were involved in 418 in any way, I need your help!

by Colin Dexter

For one of my modules this term, and eventually for my dissertation I need some responses from the wonderful people who volunteered during 418.

There is only 6 questions, and it shouldn’t take more that 10minutes. I would really appreciate your ideas and thoughts.  Just click on the link below, and follow the instructions. Be as honest and inventive as you like, it is all anonymous, and loads of fun!!!

Thank you for all your effort during the weekend!!!


The group with a new name!

by Colin Dexter

Well… I know you have all been eagerly anticipating the naming of the Thursday youth group and I am pleased to inform you that we have finally setlled on one…

Drum roll please……………………………..

We can now be refered to as ‘Flame!’

The astute among you will notice that we have gone for a grown up Spark/Sparx!!!!

I do not know why it took us so long, but the girls have all agreed that this is a good name!

We hope you approve. If you don’t, please tell the girls so they can argue their case, also so you can see the sadness in their eyes rather than tears in mine! My guess is that you will be much less likely to risk upsetting a child, and therefore will keep your opinion to yourself! lol

Anyway, it is getting late. More details will follow!

Thanks for your prayers for the group, please keep them up!