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Testimony of The Lord’s Healing and Power –LN 27th July 2015

by Colin Dexter

I am writing this testimony to share with others God’s healing power and provision for my son. Daniel was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 2 in 2010 when he was 18years old starting his first year at Warwick university. He had mild symptoms of discomfort running down the back of his right leg but it was not serious that time. However, in 2013, he developed intermittent numbness in his right foot and the MRI scan showed that his spondylolisthesis has progressed from grade 2 to 3 and there was narrowing of the spinal canal at l4-5 level which resulted in the numbness of the foot.

He was seen at the Royal London Hospital by the neurosurgeon who said that Daniel requires surgery to straighten and stabilise the spine which will be a major surgery. Daniel and I were deeply distressed by this news as it will impact on his studies in university. I told Daniel that we should not lose hope because we have a God who is ALL powerful and who can also heal. I then began to earnestly pray for the following specifics-
1. Complete healing of Daniels’ back so that he does not require the operation.

2. God will lead us to another surgeon who is dual trained in orthopaedics and neurosurgery. I wanted Daniel to have a second opinion and to be seen by the best in this field if he requires surgery.

Meanwhile, I brought Daniel to my bible study teacher E. Vetters for prayer and healing as I believe that the prayers of an effective man is very effective. Mr Vetters once told me that ‘healing begins when we start praying’ I believe my job is to pray and God will do the rest.

It was amazing how the Lord answered my prayers specifically. At that time I was working in the Outpatient department of a private hospital and heard of a new neuro-spinal surgeon who had recently joined the hospital. One day, the surgeon (AR) turned up at the door of my office asking to see me as he needed my advice to set up his clinic. I was thrilled and so overwhelmed when I discovered that his speciality was in treatment of spondylolisthesis! He agreed to see Daniel and examined him. By this time Daniel’s numbness in the right foot has improved considerably. The surgeon then told us the wonderful news that Daniel does not require surgery but just monitoring to ensure that his symptoms does not get worse. He also reassured Daniel that he can continue his gym exercises as the development of his strong core muscles has helped to support his back.

Daniel was reviewed last year in March 2014 and has been discharged from the Royal London hospital-which means he does not require any treatment at all. God is awesome –he has answered my prayers perfectly. I believe God has healed Daniel’s back problem. He is indeed Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals!

Answered prayer

by Colin Dexter

Via OPEN DOORS  June 2015

“For months we have asked for prayer for the rescue of many women & children abducted by the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram in NE Nigeria.

We are thankful to report that around 1000men, women and children have been freed from Boko Harem camps in the Sambisa forest.”

(however still no sign of the 232 schoolgirls abducted from Chibook in April 2014)

What happens when people worship?

by Colin Dexter

Several potentially dangerous gatherings have broken up and dissipated as worship was released among the unruly participants. Coming in a spirit of intercession, worshippers began to sing and position themselves between the protesting crowd and the Highway Patrol forming a protective line. Within minutes, the riotous crowd deflated and dispersed as, “This isn’t fun anymore.” and “I’m going home.” were heard. Others in the crowd joined the worship, with several coming to Christ.

(St. Louis, Missouri)

” I put my hands on her & began to pray”

by Colin Dexter

Extract:- the programme ends with a time of prayer and a women who has been deaf for most of her  life ask for prayer. Somebody prays for her & asked her if she could hear. With a look of shock on her face she nodded and said yes. The women is overwhelmed by the work of God in her life.

(OM ship to shore 2014)

Another Miracle (Macao)

by Colin Dexter

A woman who owns a vitamin shop has a Bible in the house because her mother obtained one when the OM ship Doulos was in Hong Kong previously. Sadly her mother died but left the Bible to this woman.

After neglecting it for sometime, tragedy struck as the woman was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly the Bible was brought off the bookshelf ,”she knew about God before, but when she got cancer, she started seeking him more”

She  started reading this Bible & studying it. She says she turned to God and found healing from cancer. She shows a newspaper article explaining how doctors are amazed by her complete recovery. She continues to give God the glory. Jesus was the turning point, & the Bible the tool.

(OM  Ship To Shore 2014)

Faith In Action

by Colin Dexter

A young Saudi had a dream about Jesus, began to read the Scriptures and trusted Christ. He then married, but his wife did not accept his faith. They later had a child who became very ill. The husband told his wife that they were going to pray to Jesus and that only He could heal the child . The child was then healed and the wife and also her mother came to faith.

Source OM global  (Arab world series)  Sept 14 issue 3



by Colin Dexter


Life Story

by Colin Dexter

Country Unspecified.(outside Uk)

Three men were walking down one of the streets in the shanty town, specifically looking for people who needed prayer for healing.

One of the gentlemen then had a strong sense that “the next man they would come across would have neck pain and God would heal him”.

They stopped outside the next shop. The 45yr old man standing there had had neck pain for several years, unhelped by medicines.

He was asked ,”can we pray for you in Jesus name”. He agreed willingly.

They prayed together for about a minute and then stopped to ask how he was feeling. With almost expressionless face he said “yeah, the pain in my neck has completely gone but my back still hurts” So the three man prayed for his back for another minute. That also improved. (He has been seen several times since & remains well)


Miracles on their own do not bring people into relationship with Jesus. People are often willing to have their illness prayed for but the idea of repenting & turning to a new faith is not so popular.

Extract from “GO” July -Sept 2014

Thiago Silva – Brazil

by Colin Dexter

The Brazilian captain Thiago Silva, regarded by some commentators as the best defender in the world, is another strong Christian. As a young, up-and-coming footballer he played for a short time in Moscow and there he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Coming near to death, he was also at one point told by doctors that he might lose one lung, and he was forced to miss an entire season of soccer.

He has no doubts about the nature of his subsequent miraculous recovery. “God saved me,” he has declared

A Boys Request

by Colin Dexter

the boy said” when I was in the bookshop I prayed to God. I asked him to give me a study Bible. A year later, I got a set of books and the Tamil study Bible I prayed for was included! I couldn’t believe it.” (Open Doors)