Life Story

by Colin Dexter

Country Unspecified.(outside Uk)

Three men were walking down one of the streets in the shanty town, specifically looking for people who needed prayer for healing.

One of the gentlemen then had a strong sense that “the next man they would come across would have neck pain and God would heal him”.

They stopped outside the next shop. The 45yr old man standing there had had neck pain for several years, unhelped by medicines.

He was asked ,”can we pray for you in Jesus name”. He agreed willingly.

They prayed together for about a minute and then stopped to ask how he was feeling. With almost expressionless face he said “yeah, the pain in my neck has completely gone but my back still hurts” So the three man prayed for his back for another minute. That also improved. (He has been seen several times since & remains well)


Miracles on their own do not bring people into relationship with Jesus. People are often willing to have their illness prayed for but the idea of repenting & turning to a new faith is not so popular.

Extract from “GO” July -Sept 2014

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