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by Colin Dexter

St Davids day praying forthe nation

by Colin Dexter

Pinewood Studio Wales will be created at the former Energy Centre building at Wentloog, Cardiff, and will form part of Pinewood’s global network of film studios.

A number of potential undisclosed projects have already been identified, with a view to the Pinewood Wales Studio being operational later this year.

Revival is …

by Colin Dexter

God bursting in  

God purifying His Church with manifestations of His power, turning men & women from sin

An outpouring of the Holy Spirit changing the moral climate of a community

An invasion from heaven that brings conscious awareness of God

A community saturated with God

The Christian church going back to the God given norm.

Stepping in line with the spiritual life & law of God

The Trinity takes central stage and people run with it

Renewal is…

by Colin Dexter

The Church on its knees

Re-establishing  & renewing our covenant with God

Remembering our first love

Re-dedicating our whole lives to God for His will & way & pursing this with our whole being


by Colin Dexter

Deaf Service

by Colin Dexter

John Lennox

What is prophecy?

by Colin Dexter

The Greek word used in the Bible is PROPHETEIA and signifies the speaking forth of the mind and counsel of God. It is the declaration of that which cannot be known by natural means. Its purpose is to edify, comfort and encourage. The message of the prophet was a direct revelation of the mind of God for the occasion. The message of the teacher, however,  is gathered from the completed revelation contained in the Bible.

Social Evening Thursday 27th Feb 7.30pm

by Colin Dexter

Everyone welcome to the Community hall Ty-Sign  for a relaxing fun evening. Public event open to all.  Free entry.

by Colin Dexter

Cross in the eye

by Colin Dexter

22nd Feb TLC