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by Colin Dexter

We are in the middle of a preaching through some topics on discipleship.

  • I believe (What is a Christian)?
  • I forgive                Matt 5 23-24
  • I pray
  • I serve(I worship) Ephesian 2:10
  • I learn                   Matt 11:29                                  20th August
  • I go                       Matt28   (living the Life)          10th Sept


Thanks to Rob Jones (NWC)



A bunch of characters

by Colin Dexter

In the bible we  read of about the lives of many individuals. These stories are not in the |Bible by accident but are for us to read about and learn from their experience of God.

S0 in Agape over the next few weeks after Easter we are hoping to learn from   Ruth, Esther, King Hezekiah, Gideon, Jacob,Joseph, Barnabus.

Feb To April 2009 Who is Jesus?

by Colin Dexter





Feb 8th


Baptism & Temptations of Jesus

Lk 3 v21- Lk 4 v 13

Feb 15th


Commission & Rejection of Jesus

Lk 4 v14-30

Feb 22nd


10th Anniversary


March 1st

Mark Thomas

The healing & forgiving power of Jesus

Eg Lk 5v 37-26


March 8th

Deb Dexter

The anointing of Jesus

Lk 7 v36-50

March 15th

Martin Abel

Power of Jesus

Lk 8 v 22-56

March 22nd


Confession & Transfiguration

Lk 9 v 18-36

March 29th


Tony B



April 5th



Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem & Temple Incident

Lk 19 v 28 -48

April 12th


Mark Jones

Easter. The Resurrection

Lk 22 onwards

Preaching Theme Sept -Dec 2008

by Colin Dexter

We are going to be looking at the lives of Elijah & Elisha . (see 1 Kings 17 where Elijah suddenly appears)

These were two remarkable prophets & we we want to discover how God worked in their lives & how those who came into contact with them were affected.

There are some powerful events & miracles that occur but also deep emotion & trials

Start reading from 1 Kings 17 to be prepared.

Today’s Challenge from the Sermon!

by Liz Owen

Greetings all!

From today’s sermon we thought it might be fun/interesting/theological (delete as appropriate) to have a ‘challenge from the sermon’ and this weeks challenge is….

  • Wind Turbines – does God care?

What do you think? Add your comment below and lets see where we end up!

Preaching Theme

by Colin Dexter

In Agape we are looking at some of the people who were touched by God in Acts. These people were just like you and me, in different walks of life & from different backgrounds. Each was challenged in some way by the message of Christ. How did they respond? How did their lives change?

These were the people around at the beginning & their stories are recorded for a purpose. We hope to learn from them as in a sense, we are all still part of the story of ACTS.