Today’s Challenge from the Sermon!

by Liz Owen

Greetings all!

From today’s sermon we thought it might be fun/interesting/theological (delete as appropriate) to have a ‘challenge from the sermon’ and this weeks challenge is….

  • Wind Turbines – does God care?

What do you think? Add your comment below and lets see where we end up!

10 Responses to “Today’s Challenge from the Sermon!”

  1. Joe Says:

    Can I answer a question with a question???

    Does God prefer us to pollute the environment or use sustainable energy sources? Even if they look bad and make an irritating noise? Is that also pollution?

  2. Joe Says:

    So in summary…

    God cares… about everything.

    I think that as stewards of his world we should respect and look after the environment. Turbines are surely better than creating green house gases.

    Maybe… we should force another ‘lesser’ country to be filled by turbines and produce electricity for us without seeing the impact and we could wipe off there debt. I should be a politician!!!! or not.

  3. Liz Says:

    Joe, you certainly raise some issues in your comment!
    I agree that we should certainly look after the world, after all, it was not created for us to simply destroy and take advantage of, so wind turbines therefore would be a good thing as they effectively use what we’ve been given to ensure we can satisfy our basic needs.
    However, not sure about your comment on lesser countries as I’m pretty sure you mean Wales (!)

  4. Mark joes Says:

    So it ‘s a question of NIMBY (not in my back yard) then.
    I like the trade idea though . That achieves two goals in one deal. well done Joe ! You get my vote

    Another thought about harnessing wind power- was there a debate like this when someone first put up the first “unsightly” washing line?

    And a question. How many wind turbines would be required to cause the Scily Isles to take off?

  5. Colin Says:

    If you carefully made a model boat, one of those radio controlled ones, and then gave the controls to someone else, I think you would care very much how that person used the controls.

    In the same way I think the Creator does care about how we manage the earth & does care about what decisions we make about wind power, hydroelectric power, wave power, nuclear power etc.

    However, he has given us the responsibility to manage and I think leaves us to make the decisions. (hence no specific advice on wind power in the Bible)

    I think He does care about how we make those decisions.

  6. Richard Says:

    I think the Creator does care, but gives us brains to use. In something like this there are bound to be opposing views: so would you accept the loss of a cherised view if it meant no more global warming: of course you would. Would you accept the loss if it meant a litle less global warming: maybe!
    The fun thing, of course, in Britain, is that all the “cherised views” have changed over time because man has been busy for the last couple of thousand years, so what you see as “your” view is only a snapshop: the way it happens to be at the moment. 100 years ago the idea of lamposts on main roads might have caused a lot of heat (and not much light: bad pun); 50 years ago the idea of pylons carrying the electricity grid striding across the land might have generated (even worse pun!) equal discussion: now, most of the time we don’t notice either. I think wind turbines are kinda fun,and are certainly preferable to nuclear power, but I don’t live underneath one!

  7. Mark - slightly off the rails Says:

    God ALWAYS cares, even if we don’t and especially when we don’t.
    Not to care is not to love, and God is……you know the rest.

  8. hannah jones Says:

    i saw an advert where they had wind turnbines in the sea (poking out of sea obviously, so the wind could affect them). surely that’s quite good? sea breeze, not in a field where sheeps could live, and creating energy. maybe we should have and Agapé sponsered wind turbine on the canal in risca? we may make enough energy to heat a kettle or something?

  9. hannah jones Says:

    i’m wondering if a wind turbine in the sea could also have some sort of water energy catcher thing (that’s the technical term for it). therefore getting the most out of it’s position in the aforementioned sea.
    i think i should be an inventor.
    perhaps also solar panals on top?
    and a welsh flag (especially for Joe).
    it would also need a light so that ships didnt crash into it. or it could be painted in a florescent colour.

  10. sian Says:

    gd plan i like the welsh flag, might cause a few arguments thought.
    We need to look after the plant retrospective of whether you are a christian or not. Looking at it from a non christian persective the earth is the thing that gives us life, it sustains our race, without it we are nothing. But from a christian point of view the earth has graciously been given us by God, and we were put in ‘charge’ of looking after it. so on the point of windturbines we should be puttin them up everywhere if it means the protection of the planet, but not at the cost of dividing people and causing people to fight. (maybe not as a drastic example but u get the point)

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