Preaching Theme

by Colin Dexter

In Agape we are looking at some of the people who were touched by God in Acts. These people were just like you and me, in different walks of life & from different backgrounds. Each was challenged in some way by the message of Christ. How did they respond? How did their lives change?

These were the people around at the beginning & their stories are recorded for a purpose. We hope to learn from them as in a sense, we are all still part of the story of ACTS.

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  1. Colin Says:

    We have just completed three weeks at the Holy Spirit, in John 14 . “the comforter” bearing in mind the analogy of King William from the Bayeaux tapestry”, Acts “the power behind the church” & Galatians “walk with & be led by the Holy Spirit”

    We are now looking at James which is a very relevant, practical book about how we can express the spiritual life within in terms of how we live & behave day to day.

    If you can read the book before next Sunday it would help.

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