The group with a new name!

by Colin Dexter

Well… I know you have all been eagerly anticipating the naming of the Thursday youth group and I am pleased to inform you that we have finally setlled on one…

Drum roll please……………………………..

We can now be refered to as ‘Flame!’

The astute among you will notice that we have gone for a grown up Spark/Sparx!!!!

I do not know why it took us so long, but the girls have all agreed that this is a good name!

We hope you approve. If you don’t, please tell the girls so they can argue their case, also so you can see the sadness in their eyes rather than tears in mine! My guess is that you will be much less likely to risk upsetting a child, and therefore will keep your opinion to yourself! lol

Anyway, it is getting late. More details will follow!

Thanks for your prayers for the group, please keep them up!


2 Responses to “The group with a new name!”

  1. mark j Says:

    Flame is a great name! Not only is it a grown up Sparx it links in with Evaburn!!
    We will be a truly fired up church at this rate.

    Keep up the good work Bec and all you Flames. Spread the fire of the Holy Spirit wherever you go

    Lots of love


  2. leah b Says:

    I go to Flame it is really fun i love it.Bec makes it even funner.I’d hate to miss it.sparx is fun as if you know someone who would like to go sparx is for age 7-11 sparx is free ring some tuck money’s at channel view community centre off lower wyndham terrace in Risca.Flame is at Ty-sign TLC Cafe its free to it’s for year 6,7 and 8.I recommend them both. there is a bible story,Craft and Fun at both.sparx is on Monday and Flame is on a Thursday.They both have to a Safty form signed.

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