LOGOS HOPE, OM Cardiff (May 28th)

by Colin Dexter
Partner With Us

You Can Make A Difference!

This is a massive God-sized project. We welcome the partnership of friends and organisations who will embrace our vision, and work together with us to make the vision of Logos Hope a reality. There are many different ways you can be a part of this project.

Pray with us…

Prayer is at the core of all we do. Over and above our own efforts, we recognise that it is only God’s hand upon us and upon all we do that will move us forward. Challenges and needs surface from time to time (sometimes more often than we would like!), and we need to continually bring these requests before God’s throne of grace. For more news and prayer requests, sign up for our regular updates by emailing info@shipsoffice.org

Consider giving financially…

Every gift, big or small, helps us cover the costs of getting Logos Hope ready for service and keeping OM Ships in operation. There are various ways you, your church, or your business can give – through financial donation or sponsorship of equipment, tools and resources that we need to outfit the ship. See the Giving section for more details.

Join us…

Short and long term volunteers of all ages, and with different skills are needed to staff Logos Hope and help complete the ship’s renovations. Are you interested? Check out the Join The Crew section.

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