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The day I gave my life to Jesus Christ

by Colin Dexter

3 November 2009 will always be a special day. Its the day i gave my life to Jesus Christ. Once an atheist a liar a cheat and an addict i can look back and be thankful that life is no longer like it was 4 years ago and truthfully say life with Christ is an amazing adventure. It is not always easy i go through the same struggles as any man but God never lets me down when i am weak he is my strength he has blessed me with so much and i know there is so much more to come.  MH

” I do not want to be a Christian”

by Colin Dexter

“You are so different; I can see that you are a new person,” she told him. When he explained that his life had been transformed by his relationship with Jesus and that she could  experience the same change, she replied, ” I’m  so happy for you, but I do not want to be a Christian.

She was invited to an event on the Logos Hope ship.

She attended the “come as you are” evening and after listening to the message she decided to surrender her life to Christ.

Ship to Shore OM Ships International  2017

Testimony of The Lord’s Healing and Power –LN 27th July 2015

by Colin Dexter

I am writing this testimony to share with others God’s healing power and provision for my son. Daniel was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 2 in 2010 when he was 18years old starting his first year at Warwick university. He had mild symptoms of discomfort running down the back of his right leg but it was not serious that time. However, in 2013, he developed intermittent numbness in his right foot and the MRI scan showed that his spondylolisthesis has progressed from grade 2 to 3 and there was narrowing of the spinal canal at l4-5 level which resulted in the numbness of the foot.

He was seen at the Royal London Hospital by the neurosurgeon who said that Daniel requires surgery to straighten and stabilise the spine which will be a major surgery. Daniel and I were deeply distressed by this news as it will impact on his studies in university. I told Daniel that we should not lose hope because we have a God who is ALL powerful and who can also heal. I then began to earnestly pray for the following specifics-
1. Complete healing of Daniels’ back so that he does not require the operation.

2. God will lead us to another surgeon who is dual trained in orthopaedics and neurosurgery. I wanted Daniel to have a second opinion and to be seen by the best in this field if he requires surgery.

Meanwhile, I brought Daniel to my bible study teacher E. Vetters for prayer and healing as I believe that the prayers of an effective man is very effective. Mr Vetters once told me that ‘healing begins when we start praying’ I believe my job is to pray and God will do the rest.

It was amazing how the Lord answered my prayers specifically. At that time I was working in the Outpatient department of a private hospital and heard of a new neuro-spinal surgeon who had recently joined the hospital. One day, the surgeon (AR) turned up at the door of my office asking to see me as he needed my advice to set up his clinic. I was thrilled and so overwhelmed when I discovered that his speciality was in treatment of spondylolisthesis! He agreed to see Daniel and examined him. By this time Daniel’s numbness in the right foot has improved considerably. The surgeon then told us the wonderful news that Daniel does not require surgery but just monitoring to ensure that his symptoms does not get worse. He also reassured Daniel that he can continue his gym exercises as the development of his strong core muscles has helped to support his back.

Daniel was reviewed last year in March 2014 and has been discharged from the Royal London hospital-which means he does not require any treatment at all. God is awesome –he has answered my prayers perfectly. I believe God has healed Daniel’s back problem. He is indeed Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals!

Whats really important?

by Colin Dexter

However, my faith and my relationship with God are incredibly important to me and, after long consideration, and plenty of prayer, understanding the downside, I am not afraid publicly to recognise God’s role in my life.

This doesn’t mean I see myself as better than anyone else. I am not. This doesn’t mean I see myself as morally superior to anyone else. I certainly am not. What it does mean, however, is that I try very hard to be receptive to the teachings of the Bible, that I am sincerely committed to the Word of God and that I aspire to lead my life in that way.

AB de Villiers(cricketer)

Imprisoned for Faith

by Colin Dexter

He was imprisoned for four days, but he saw God work in amazing ways. He preached the gospel and prayed for an inmate who was sick. He was healed and believed in Christ instantly. His other cell mate was a person suffering from intense depression. He kept saying he wanted to kill himself. He was prayed for and the suicidal thoughts left him. He also accepted Christ. A third person had been falsely accused of raping a women. The gospel was shared with him and he also accepted Christ.


What made the difference?

by Colin Dexter

Like many baby boomers of my generation, growing up in the 70s and the 80s, Christianity was not very relevant to me personally.  Even though I attended church  on a regular basis – it was through meeting people who were passionate about Jesus and making him known that I made a commitment.

Andrew Berry (Director of Outreach Uk OM)

Truth is more important than respect

by Colin Dexter

A Somali lady in Kenya became a believer after speaking to Christian friends. Although fearful of being rejected by her community, she received a dream from the Lord in which He told her that the truth was more important than the respect of her community.

After her conversion she had to leave home for her own safety.

Following Gods gentle whisper

by Colin Dexter

This year, we’ve uncovered a whole bunch of students praying. Praying in new, different ways for their universities, friends and cities. Praying through the night, sacrificing sleep. Praying instead of studying or partying. 

Students stepping up and following God’s gentle whisper.  

24/7 Prayer International

John Glenn – Astronaut

by Colin Dexter

Glenn told the world during his 1998 shuttle mission, “To look up out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible. It just strengthens my faith.” He told reporters that he was praying every day in orbit. He made public his faith across his career in the military, NASA, and public service.

Best oncology visit so far!  (By Phil Clark) 

by Colin Dexter
Tuesday, October 18, 2016     As I an currently back on chemo, I get to see an oncologist every three weeks. recently I seem to get the Head oncologist each time, maybe because I am something of an enigma.

Yesterday was my three-weekly visit, and it was of particular interest as I recently had a CT scan. Sure enough, it was the Head Oncologist who summonsed us into his consulting room, with his usual serious face. “I have mixed news” he said, “the scan shows a build up of fluid around your kidneys, lungs and heart, so I was going to recommend that we stop chemotherapy, and insert an external drain.” (Meaning that due to risk of infection I would not be able to have any further chemo, so this would be bad news.)

His face clouded over as he continued, “However, your blood tests are completely contradictory. They show that your kidney function is better than it has been for months, your anaemia is much improved, and even your cancer markers are extremely positive. This is all very unexpected, and to be honest, doesn’t make any sense!”

He then proceeded to give me a physical examination, which confirmed that there is no fluid on my lungs. He concluded, “I propose that we continue with chemotherapy for now, as we really cannot explain what is happening with you.” Monika interjected “prayer,” “God,” “a miracle” a number of times, but he wasn’t having any of that!

So what do we make of the consultation? Well it was a good exercise in holding back laughter! But more seriously I came away with two contrasting thoughts. One is that my life is still very precarious, in that a kidney failure is still a distinct possibility – a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ for the doctor; the pressure on my heart if fluid builds there is dangerous in the extreme; and fluid on the lungs isn’t a great option either!

Secondly, the contradictory tests merely exemplify the two worlds in which I have lived for the past few months. One, the medical world, is hope-less and utterly negative. The other is the world that God sees, and defines, and this is the world in which I have been living mostly. It is filled with hope, because God is in control ultimately. It is the world which has seen me visit Australia and Thailand and spend a month in Europe against medical advice. It sees me eating well, sustaining my weight, and with good energy levels. And at the end of this life, it will see me walk into eternity with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus.