A warm welcome!

by Liz Owen

I am pleased to welcome you to Agape Community Church’s blog!

To start with you may be asking, what is a blog and how do I take part?

This can be simply answered by saying that it is an interactive tool that allows users to post questions, discussions, photographs, links, commentary or news on various subjects; it offers readers the opportunity to add to discussions and reply to opinions or ask questions.

All entries to the blog are written in chronological order and are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order (so to read a list of entries from the beginning, start at the end and work your way up!)

The best way to learn is to take part and have a go, so feel free to jump right in and start talking!

How to use this Blog – A guide!

1. In order to write anything in the blog you first need to register your name and e-mail address. Go to the Interact menu option and then click on ‘Our Blog’ and the blog page will appear. On this page you can see the posts and comments that have been made about them.
2. In the box on the right hand side of this page entitled ‘Welcome to our blog’ you can click on the first link to register your details and the second link to log in once registered.

3. Click on the first link entitled ‘click here to join’ and put you name and e-mail address in the box that will now appear. A password will be e-mailed to you to ensure privacy.

4. Click on the link you will be given in your e-mail and enter your log-in details.

5. The page that now appears is ‘WordPress’ the program that the site is written around. From here you can add comments to previously written blog posts, write your own posts by creating a new category (discussion topic), view other comments and manage your own profile (e-mail address and other info)

6. We’ll start by writing your own post; click on ‘Write a Post’ on the first page you come to. Fill in the ‘Title’ section and then write your text. Tick the box(es) on the right that your text corresponds to i.e. News / Blog / Youth / Prayer Requests etc. and then click either ‘Save’ to review yourself later, or ‘Submit for Review’ once completed. As this is a ‘moderated blog’ all posts have to be submitted for review by an administrator before appearing live on the site.

7. To comment on someone else’s post you can either go back to the web site or click on ‘Manage’ (in the main navigation of WordPress) and then click ‘View’ at the post you wish to comment on. You will then be taken back to the main page and can leave a comment in the available box at the bottom of the page.

8. To manage your own profile while in WordPress, click the Profile navigation button and make any required changes and click ‘update profile’.

  • A point to note: when in WordPress, you can return to the site at any time by clicking ‘View Site’ which appears in the top left hand corner of the WordPress screen.

3 Responses to “A warm welcome!”

  1. carysisinchilebacan Says:

    woo Liz… loving the website – its looking good…

    thought i would do as you suggest and jump in and have a go so this is my attempt at posting a comment… 🙂

    big hugs to everyone at agape… see you in December x x x

  2. Julian Says:

    Hi Carys, nice to hear from you!

  3. Colin Dexter Says:

    like the website and I think it is welcoming and easy to use. Well done.

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