4th and most recent!

by Colin Dexter

Fortnight beginning 24th September

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not writing up a report of last week, 24th-30th. I don’t have a good excuse, so I won’t give one! Sorry.

But you are very lucky; you get two weeks squashed into one sheet today!

I was in college on Monday and Tuesday both weeks, the first and hopefully only, double sessions of the term. From now on we are strictly once a fortnight!

College was good, policies and procedures – yey, essential but very boring!

On Tuesdays we are doing a module called biblical themes. We looked at different world views and theologies, very interesting!

On Wednesday I spent my first session at the TLC after school club. They have around 25 children along to the group every Monday and Wednesday, where they play games, do quizzes, make crafty stuff and design posters using the computers. It is a fun session for all involved. The hope is that I can encourage planning meetings and the use of a programme so the sessions become more organised and directed.

Deb led the youth cell group in the evening, and although I think most of the group were half asleep due to a very late night the night before, I felt it was a constructive session, and everyone learnt something.

On Thursday I tried the school again, but my contact wasn’t in all day, and Friday was an inset day. Hmmm, never mind, there is always next week!

We ran the second younger youth group (that really needs a name- ideas on a postcard please!) on Thursday evening, with 6 girls at the TLC cafe. The group went well at the cafe, and lessons were learnt with the lay out of the room. We talked about Jesus and played some games.

Friday was spent moving a load of stuff from my parents house in to Hannah’s old house. It was lots of fun, but I did feel exhausted come Friday evening! Jon was at a wedding on Friday, so we weren’t able to do the detached session.

(If anyone would like more information about detached work, or would like to volunteer for a few session on a Friday night please come and speak to me!)

That brings us back to Wednesday again, I spent Wednesday moving what I thought were the last of my bits over to 250 Elm Drive, and then set up for the evening youth cell social before heading out to the TLC after school club. I sat in the computer room during most of the session, which was a really good chance to get to know more of the young people individually. The session went really quickly but was great fun – the young people are really lovely, although I did meet one horror who stamped on my foot. Oh the joys of youth work!

I finally contacted the school on Thursday morning, and organised my start date as next Thursday. I am still feeling really excited about the schools work, so please pray I don’t become despondent – I need to remain on my toes and keep striving for great things at the school.

Friday was a really exciting day –Jon Rowlands and I went out on a detached session, in search of Keryn’s house – Jon asked for directions from two young people on Elm drive, and they walked and talked with us for about ten minutes as they led us to the right house!

We walked on from the house up to the park and skate park on Holly Road. We found a group of young people who were the sort of emo/goths who hate to be labelled emo/goths!

They were a very sound bunch who stood and chatted to us for over an hour.

We talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly random, until my hands became too cold to stay out any longer and we went home. I must remember gloves next time!

Big thanks to Jon for doing the detached sessions with me. I think their going well, and hope implement some of Jon’s and my ideas to reach more young people more regularly.

  • Please pray for the year 11 students I will be mentoring from next Thursday, and also for me in that situation, that the work will be effective and worthwhile.
  • Please continue to pray for the young girls who are coming to the Thursday youth group – that they can grow at their own pace of understanding, and that I won’t assume anything in the answers I give them.
  • Please continue to pray for Deb as she leads the Wednesday night group – she is doing a great thing really well.
  • Pray also for the young people we meet during the detached work, and for Jon and myself to say what God wants us to speak into their situations and the confidence to approach new groups.
  • Please pray to for my commitment to college, I’m really enjoying the work, and don’t want to neglect my studies. I really want to pass!!!!

Thank you for your continued support in the work going on in Ty-Sign. If you would like any more information on anything that is going on please ask!

I have changed my mobile number – if you haven’t contacted me in the last week check with me that you have the right one! Please come and visit me – I love visitors! Just give me a bell before you turn up! Thanks!


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