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by Colin Dexter

I thought it would be a great idea to put my weekly reports online – they will become more like blogs as you read through them!!This is the first I wrote – Week starting 1st September

What happened – This was my first week of working with Agape, so like a first week in any job it was a bit random! I have made multiple forms, created beautiful child protection policies, and invented programs for the youth cells groups, been to meetings, won the three legged race, made phone calls and written letters.

I met with Deb Dexter to discuss the youth cell group, and the possibility of starting a younger cell for years 6-8, and continuing the older group for those in years 9-13. It was a very constructive and we came away having made some decisions and identified some prayer points for the youth cells.

I have been trying to contact the assistant head of Risca Comprehensive this week, to set up a meeting in response to the letter I received from her before the summer holidays. I haven’t been able to talk to her yet, and although they seemed eager for me to visit the school and support their students we do need to get this rolling soon.

I have moved in to Karen’s house on Thistle way. Karen and her husband are away for a few weeks so I guess I’m house sitting for a little while.

If you want to pop in for a cup of tea/coffee/coke/lemon squash/milk/water give me a ring, you are always welcome!!!

Then there was the sports day. We met some students from Risca Comprehensive, and while Joe did the energetic bit of playing football with the boys I sat and chatted to two girls who had come up to the astro turf with them. It was a good day all round, and although we came fifth of seven churches I think we supported our participants greatly and technically should have won!! But we’re not competitive!!!

What’s coming up next week?

Next week I will try the school again and try to set up a meeting for Friday.

On Tuesday I start Uni with a residential ‘community week’ in Oxford. I am there until Thursday, so I won’t be at the cell groups.

I will be visiting parents and young people in the year 6-8 age bracket on Thursday evening to inform and invite them to the younger cell (that needs a new name) on the following Thursday.

On Friday I hope to spend sometime with Tim on the estate and meeting with Mrs Cooper at Risca Comp.

Prayer points

+ Thank God for Karen’s willingness to let me stay in her house – being on the estate full time is something I was praying would be possible.

+ Pray that Mrs Cooper is open to suggestions with the school work, and that we can find a way to benefit the students in the greatest way possible.

+ Please pray also that I settle back in university well, and that God will enable all the crazy ideas I have in my head to settle down and that he will tell me which ones to move forward with.

+ I was going to ask you to pray for somewhere to hold the first couple of younger youth cell, but praise God Shelia has come to the rescue again.

+ Please think and pray about whether you would like to be involved in the younger cell (and any other activities) – we need to find a/many volunteers to spare an hour a week or if there are a few of you, one hour a month etc, because I can’t be the only leader at the group. You can be as involved as you want to be – we will take anyone from sitters in the corner to squash makers to session leaders. There will be a rota appearing at the back, please write your names up if you want to help out.

This has been a great week to settle in. Thanks to all of you who have helped! It’s great to be back!

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