blog 2!

by Colin Dexter

This is the 2nd I wrote – obviously!!

Week starting: 7th September

What happened – I spent most of Monday writing up some information about schools outreach work to take into the meeting with the assistant head at Risca Comprehensive School.

It was also the first Sparx of the new term, and I thought I was doing really well when I was there, with costume, early! Unfortunately I realised I had forgotten the promised pizza, so I had to run back up the hill and cook the pizza’s, making me only just time for the start. My apologies to everyone at Sparx, I will remember the pizza’s in the future!

Sparx was great; the kids seemed to enjoy themselves! I had the opportunity to speak to a few of the older members about the younger youth club, and had some positive feedback.

On Tuesday I saw Tim drive passed me on the way to work as I sat at a bus stop waiting for my lift to Oxford Brookes University for the residential ‘community week’.

The three days were mostly uneventful, we had a bunch of lectures, most of which proved to be a bit of a waste of time, but some really useful lectures and lots of information and positive meetings with lecturers. We went down to the pub on Wednesday evening to watch the football, and I sat outside with the other non English, non football fanatics and laughed at the facial expressions of those watching. Fortunately England won, and there were no tears!

I did get the opportunity to talk to some of the first year Bristol CYM students, one of whom has a placement at St Paul’s in the centre of Newport, and another who was born and brought up in Cwmcarn.

On Friday I finally got through to Mrs Cooper, and arranged a meeting. I finished off the schools info I had started on Monday, and visited the TLC café. I sat and chatted with Glyn and some of the women in the café, and then with Cindy when she arrived with the fruit and eggs.

I had had the intention on Thursday evening of going out with some flyers about the youth group, but a combination of not having the addresses of the young people and being so tired after the residential meant that I put it off. As I write this it is Friday, and I will be going out tomorrow morning with the flyers to get them out before the end of the week.

What’s coming up next week?

My meeting with Mrs Cooper has been arranged for Tuesday afternoon. Some of the week depends on the outcome of this meeting, although I expect they will ask me to complete a CRB check before I can properly go in to the school in the capacity that I would like to.

On Wednesday morning I will be going into the TLC café in attempts to meet some of the young mums and other women who hang around in there.

In the evening there is the youth cell group. Thursday will eventually be spent with the school and students, although this depends on the meeting outcomes.

There is the younger youth cell in the early evening, and after that I will hopefully be doing a hour or so of detached outreach work, similar to that which will be taking place in the school, but around the estate with another adult. I will be approaching some people to help with this!!

On Friday I will be catching up on some bits and pieces and meeting Tim for my first line manager meeting – exciting!!

Prayer points

+ Please continue to pray that Mrs Cooper is open to suggestions with the school work, and that we can find a way to benefit the students in the greatest way possible. Please pray that I clearly communicate what I need to say at the meeting, so we can all be clear on what is available and possible.

+ The residential was positive, please pray that I can cope with the extra demands on me as a second year – I’m excited about it! Also that I can get hold of the books I need for the first term.

+ Continue to pray about whether you would like to be involved in the younger cell (and any other activities) and let me know ASAP if you can be involved.

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