November! Yey!

by Colin Dexter

Greetings fellow bloggers! How are you this wonderful day?
I am aware that it has been a while since my last blog. I can only apologise!
I thought I would give you an insight to a few of the aspects of my week over
the past month.
I finally got into the school as a mentor, and my role has developed over the
last three weeks, so now instead of meeting with 10-15 high achieving year 11
students, I am meeting with them and am available to meet with anyone from year
11 on a Friday morning. I am also involved with the Princes Trust group in year 10,
raising money for the charity.

It has been a huge learning curve going into the school. The young people,
especially the girls, have been so honest with me. Don’t get me wrong, it
is great that they feel they can bring problems to me and trust me to help
them resolve them, but sometimes their degree of honestly stretches me beyond
what I know. As I said, it is a steep learning curve!

I have also become more involved in the after schools club at the TLC.
Although it can sometimes be frustrating it is a good group of young people
and they really enjoy coming along to the club.

The younger youth group (that still really needs a name!) has been going well.
We now have 12-14 girls on the register, and very helpfully they don’t all
turn up at once!! The group is developing as a girls group, and since we have
no male leader/volunteer it is probably for the best. We have been looking at
Jesus, who he was and is and his purpose in coming to earth, prayer, what it
is and how we can use our strengths and gifts to pray. We have also made cakes
and played lots of random games. As far as I know, all involved in the group
thoroughly enjoy it.

The older youth cell has also been going well. We had a session or two on
sharing our faith with our mates, where we split into two teams and made
bridges from spaghetti and jelly babies. Great fun!

The girls had huge points for effort although their points for actual bridge
building were low, because it didn’t turn out like a bridge!!

We spent an evening discussing tough questions, suffering to church and back
again! I think everyone learnt something that night. We also spent a night
considering the story of the man who scatters the seeds on the path/weeds/soil
and rocky ground. We considered how well the seed was growing in our life.
Because of full timetables and unexpected surprises we had half term off,
although I am planning a most exciting joint group with the younger girls
for two weeks time!

Prayer points.
Please pray for the young people I am mentoring in the school and also for
me in that role, that they can continue to be honest with me, and that I will
be able to help them at least to some degree.

Pray also that the girls return to the younger group full of excitement to learn
about God. We had an unexpected break over half term when no one turned up!

Please pray for the older group, thanking God that Keryn has brought her friend
along, and also for the continued growth of the group, both spiritually and numerically.

For those of you who don’t know, Joe and I got engaged on Tuesday of this week.
(That was the unexpected surprise I mentioned earlier!)Please pray that we keep
God at the centre of all we do.

Thank you for your continued support of me in this role, through prayer and
volunteering etc. I really, really, really appreciate it!

Please drop by 250 Elm Drive sometime for a cup of tea and a biscuit.
Visitors are always welcome, although I would appreciate a little bit of notice so
I can get some milk!!! Love Bex.x

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