A new blog.

by Colin Dexter

Hello there everyone. I am a little sad today, as no one responds to my blogs. I hope you are reading them!

If you would like to know anything about what I’m doing please comment – I love to know there is a purpose in writing them, that they are actually useful!

Anyway, I am currently in the throws of the end of term and lots of deadlines! I have calculated that I have 7000 words to write by Wednesday. Hmmm…. I need to get better at time management! I have done some of it now, today has been a good day, but still more to go!

If you have any comments about predestination or free will or even going as far as ‘once saved, always saved’ please comment. Your ideas will be most useful!
These past two weeks have been really good, mostly! The shoe boxes went really well – the young people enjoyed making the boxes up and we had a large turn out to wrap and pack the boxes up. See the Christmas boxes blog for more info.

Schools work has been going well. I successfully managed to get a student to return to classes – grr, for now!
The girls seem to be responsing to the sessions positively. The guys are still a mystery to me – how do you talk to a 15 year old boy who only knows how to grunt?!?! It’s not that their ignorant or annoyed at having to come to the sessions, I gave them the option to stop coming and they continue to turn up! I don’t know what to say to them – again, ideas would be well recieved!

I have become concious over the last week that I am spending over half my time doing work with other organisations, when I feel the majority of my time should be spent doing work with and through Agape. I know the schools work is valuable, but I have decided to stop the mentoring on a Friday morning, reducing my Friday am hours from 3 to 1, so I can commit time to planning an Easter event in line with Hope 08 using social action and ‘public’ worship to reach the residents of Ty-Sign. That is the barebones of the idea, more will follow.

I want to make sure that I’m doing what you, the church, expect from me, so here is my plea… if I am falling short of your expectations, or directing efforts in the wrong directions, or even missing something all together please comment. I am here to serve the church and the local community and without effective communication I don’t feel I can do either.

As an update on the detached work, Jon and I have decided to take hot chocolate out on a Friday night. This was well received by the 3 young people we met on Friday night, but there were only two of them!!! and it was cold! If you would like to be involved in the detached work we could always do with more volunteers. We meet at my house at 6.30-6.45 on a Friday evening, and spend just over an hour on average walking around, chatting to young people we bump into. If you would like to be involved it may mean that we could form two teams and cover a wider area, maybe incorporating some of Risca into the route. Please get in touch for more info!!

I think I have wittered on for long enough. Please let me know how you think it is all going – I appreciate comments! Good and bad! Just don’t make me cry too much!! lol.

Thanks! Bex.x

3 Responses to “A new blog.”

  1. sian Says:

    Hey, At my small group last night we had a discussion about the black and whiteness of whether you go to heaven if you have once ‘become a christian’ and then turned away, which is classed under freewill i suppose. I think we have a just and loving God who has planned and knows everything about your life, but because he is so just and loving he gave us free will, meaning that everyone has choices in life whether that be to follow God or not. He knows the opportunities he will put in place for us to either reject him or accept him as the one and only saviour, we all deserve to go to hell so just giving us the opportunity to spend eternal life in heaven with him is an amamzing thing!
    ne who i doubt ne of that is helpful, but that is what we discussed and kinda came to an agreement on,
    i will try to read ur blogs!

  2. cej Says:

    hey bec,
    I’ve read your blogs! Sounds like you’re working hard. I hope people are treating you like the youth worker you are… basically i’m referring to free food!
    Sounds like you’re making a big impact in new areas already.
    Not as deep as sian’s response but hopefully encouraging all the same!
    Love cej xxx

  3. Mark joes Says:


    Just to say we really appreciate the great job you’re doing.Don’t give up communicating through the blog because people are reading it and are praying for you,(folks please remember to TELL BEC so she is encouraged!!!!)

    Keep up the good work. Also thanks to Jon, Cindy Joe and Ian who have been out on the streets with you on Fridays chatting with young people–it must be the aroma of the hot chocolate that’s drawing them!


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