hello people!


Hiya my lovelies.

How are we all? I wanted to ask you a favour that will cost you nothing and help a charity!

In February I’m going to Haiti for two weeks with the charity Haiti Hospital Appeal (see www.haitihospitalappeal.org) which is obviously well exciting and hopefully something you’ll hear more about before I go.

So, as Christmas is coming, and being the modern techies we all are many of us will no doubt be partaking in some shopping via the medium of the web.

If you are planning to buy any Christmas presents on-line this year, if you start from the www.buy.at/Haitihospitalappeal site, and link from there to your favourite sites (Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Play.com, HMV etc) and buy as you normally would. You get the same discounts and offers, but as you started from the Haiti web shop, the Haiti Hospital Appeal will receive a donation from the site you purchase from – for free!

Money for nothing – well just for starting from our little web shop site. Please give this a try!

And, just to clarify, it doesn’t just work on Christmas presents. So, if you’re not the present kind of person, just shop for yourself it will still work! Yay! It also works on presents for dogs, people who play golf and grandma’s!

As for me, I’m working nights to get money to go to Haiti (and maybe get a decent bathroom if I’m lucky!) So I’m kinda not doing much else!!! (Though I have had my hair cut.)
My friend and Vicar has moved away with his family to Hull so that’s a bit sad and will make church very different.

Today, the sun is out in Manchester. Isn’t that lovely!!! Shame I’ll probably be going back to bed before starting work at 11pm tonight. Word up Johnny P!

Love and hugs to all,


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  1. Bex Owen Says:

    Wow! That sounds well exciting!! If there is anything we can do besides buying through the web site let us know! Maybe a charity car wash or something?!?!

  2. cej Says:

    yeah! I’m ‘tres’ excited!!
    I’d love to do some fundraising. There’s not much opportunity for that up here… hence working nights!

    Maybe something warmer than a car wash though. I tell myself it’s warmer back home but deep down I know it’s not got the hot climate I tell myself it is!!
    I could eat coco pops for charity. I love coco pops. They’re my favourite cereal.
    luv x

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