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Hello friends and Agapites
Evaburn have come up with an alternative logo from the usual fiery one and we’d like your comments on it because we know that people who use this site have impeccable taste.

So do you prefer this;

or this?

Sorry no prizes for this one but your thoughts would be appreciated.


9 Responses to “Evaburn logo”

  1. Maisie Says:

    Hi Tim, I do like the new design if it had more colour like the original one.

  2. mark j Says:


    definitely more of an impact


  3. Colin Says:

    More Colour?

  4. hannahj Says:

    i liked Harvey’s (the bottom one) in the two greens. it was pretty. but with that one i think it can be coloured to suit the occasion – it’s more versatile i think.
    i like the top one cos it’s what it says on the tin really isnt it? but then maybe the bottom one is too.
    i hate decision making.
    come on people give your open-onions

  5. Mark (slightly off the rails) Thomas Says:

    Top one – a bit scary for me!
    Bottom one – a bit grey, perhaps? Although, you could chamelion-it for different occasions. I also thint the shape is better.
    But, heh, these are the ‘out-of-touch’ reactions of an self-confessed ‘out-of-touch’ guy!

  6. Liz Says:

    I really like the bottom one, but it does need a little colour in it… but like a comment above said, you could always add colour to suit occasions.

  7. Mark joes Says:

    i like the circularity of the 2nd one. It’s pretty. try experimenting with colours… pink is always good as is red. Oh and purple. did you think of blue? And I know it’s a bit far fetched but brown and beige. Then there’s gold. shall i go on???

    If you’re confused this is actually ceri on dad’s computer…

  8. mark j Says:

    Could it be a peguin with a punk hairdo hiding behind “evaburn”?? Yours truly,
    Confused of Cardiff

  9. Tim Crahart Says:

    It seems that the new logo is the favourite. As Hannah rightly states in her comment, the colour can be changed to suit the occasion. You should see our Christmas version in green and red with holly and snow on it…just kidding.
    And no Mark it’s not a ‘punk penguin’, not a bad name for a band though…nah!

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