by Colin Dexter

Hi everyone, Bex here. Sorry it’s been so long since I blogged last.

I thought I would update/inform you on the 418 progress. 418 is a planned social action weekend which links in with the work Agape is already doing on the Ty-Sign Estate and will hopefully inspire more work to continue beyond the weekend.

The idea is to mobilise over 200 people in Ty-Sign and the surrounding areas, residents and church members alike, working together to improve the appearance and reputation of the area. Projects will involve litter picking, painting, car washing, gardening, cleaning and much much more. We are in the beginning stages of working all the important bits out atm, so watch this space for new information. In the mean time, if you can think of residents who could do with an extra few pairs of hands to complete something in their house or garden, or you need something done yourself, please leave a comment. We are looking for lots of small projects to send teams to complete. The input of the residents is vital to this project being successful.

Please keep 418 in your prayers – God must be kept at the centre of this. We won’t manage it alone!

The next planning meeting is now not the 6th of April, as I first said, but the Sunday following from 7pm. Any input will be gratefully received!!

Thanks! Bec

6 Responses to “418”

  1. Bex Owen Says:

    Meeting has changed again, it will now be 7pm on the 7th of April. If you have been or would like to be involved please let me know if you can make this date!

  2. hannahj Says:

    hey bec.

    7th should be fine for me. we need to get together before-hand though!!!!!

  3. cej Says:

    this sounds awesome!
    why is it called 418?

  4. Bex Owen Says:

    Luke 4.18 says
    The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
    to release the oppressed.

  5. cej Says:

    now, that’s cool. LOVE that verse. (really shoulda thought about it more and worked it out myself!! I’m so lazy/slow…)
    dad’s just thrown a leaflety thing at me.
    well done guys.

  6. mark j Says:

    Hi Bex
    This project will need a huge sustained effort from all of us to achieve the goals so lets get people mobilised. Have you got any referral forms for people to request help with gardening , painting etc?
    Perhaps Tim has some(?)
    We have set a provisional date of 26th April for the next Giveaways so we could distribute literature then

    Have you got TLC on board?

    What help ,if any, do you need?


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