418 update

by Colin Dexter

Hi Everyone, just wanted to write a quick note to let you know where we’re up to with the planning for 418.

The short promo video went live on ‘Youtube’today, with links direct to it from the 418 pages on the agape website.

We’ve had nearly 20 volunteer forms back – but we still need more!
Please don’t take your involvement for granted – we want you to be invoved, but we do need a completed form form you!

We have also had a number of projects proposed, mainly garden based, but also cleaning windows etc.

All the planning and preparation is going well at the moment, we’re in the final stages of getting everything ready for the fast approaching big weekend!

There is a joint cell group on Wednesday to pray for the weekend, we would be really happy if you could come!

If you have any ideas or thoughts regarding the weekend of 418 let us know by leaving a comment.

Thanks everyone for your help so far!!!

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  1. Linda harris Says:

    Hi there
    just a message to let you know that I am unable to do Friday morning as I am health screening in my church. Will be available from 2pm if that is any help. I am ok for the Sat and Sun.

    All blessings

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