Logos Hope Crewmember says

by Colin Dexter

I gave up a well paid job as a chef to volunteer as a crewmember because in 2008 while in Kenya on my first mission trip, I sensed Gods calling to overseas mission.

The ship is not a cruise liner. It’s a place where God transforms your life. You will grow a lot deeper with God. You will have many challenges. The ship provides opportunities to do things you wouldn’t do back home. I have visited prisons & ministered to drug addicts. During dry dock, I spent two weeks with boys who have lost either one or both parents in Sri Lanka. In Liberia I spent a week working on a farm with HIV/AIDS patients. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world where you get such unique opportunities and where you are well trained before you go out.

Source. Ship to Shore UK edition 3rd Quater 2011 OM Ships International

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