by Colin Dexter

” I think there are three reasons why we need to pray. The first is, we pray because we care. If you don’t pray for someone, you probably don’t really care about them.

The second reason we pray is because we can. Its awesome that the God who created the universe wants to walk & talk with us. Why on earth wouldn’t we take up that invitation?

The third reason we need to pray is because we count. There are stories throughout scripture that suggest that God listens when we pray and may even change His purpose and His will as a result of prayer. Karl Barth said thay prayer does seem to have some bearing upon the purpose and will of God. The reason Jesus told us to pray,” your kingdom come, your will be done” is that its not automatic. We are in a battle and Gods will is often contested. If we don’t pray, there are things that wil not happen as a result. and if we do pray, there are things that will happen, because we prayed. So we have an awesome resposibilty to pray.

Source. Pete Greig (YFC council of Reference) YFC News Summer 2011

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  1. Ann Jones Says:

    Here are two quotes from Richard Foster’s book ‘Prayer’. I’ve found them helpful, especially when prayer seems difficult.
    “The Father’s heart is open wide and you are welcome to come in” (p2)
    “Prayer is [like this] – with simplicity of heart we allow ourselves to be gathered up into the arms of the Father and let him sing His love song over us”(p4)

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