Street Pastors

by Colin Dexter

Risca Street Pastors

19 March 2011No Comment

Last Friday (18th March) Churches in Risca launched a Street Pastors initiative for Risca with the support of the local MP, Councillors and Police.

16 people signed up to participate in the training with a view to becoming a Street Pastors whilst another 8 signed up to be part of the nightly prayer support.

Street Pastors Risca is an initiative of the local churches, working together with the Police and the Local Council. It is part of a national initiative run by a charity called the Ascension Trust.

The idea is simple: Street Pastors is a ministry to those in the pubs and clubs of our town, working to be a prayerful listening and caring presence of Christians from local churches between 10pm and 1am on a Friday/Saturday. We’re not there to preach at people, simply to care, to listen and to help: to show the love of Jesus in practical ways. It is quite simply – the church in action on the streets.

Street Pastors nationally was launched in Lambeth in 2003 and is now in hundreds of towns and cities across the UK. From the very start it has been endorsed by the Home Office

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