by Colin Dexter

T.L.C. (Ty-Sign and Local Community Partnership)

To provide lighting and fencing to a multi use games area children’s park and small skateboard park in the Ty-Sign area. This facility is only currently used in the Summer due to insufficient lighting and lack of security for the children/youth.

What does your charity/project do?

By all agencies working together with different age groups and canvassing their opinions these improvements have come out top of their agenda to improve their community. We are working together to make this happen. The changes that we wish to make will benefit everyone and give the youth an area to call their own. This should reduce anti social behaviour and provide a safe environment for years to come.

How does your charity/project support the local community?

The TLC provides service for all ages within the community. They provide a cafe, bingo for the over 50’s, Under 14’s youth club etc. The committee is made up by local members and supported by many different services, one of which being Caerphilly youth service who work at street level in the community and support local policing teams dealing with anti social behaviour, this is the main concern for local residents.

What do you plan to use the CommunityForce award for?

In the middle of the estate is a large field which has in the past had funding to create a skate park and children play area. Due to its location this field is surrounded by houses, which causes areas of vast darkness in the winter months meaning the field is not used, and parents concerned over safety. The funds offered would be used to create adequate lighting and fencing to make the area safe and secure so it can be used the whole 12 months of the year.

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