by Colin Dexter

“Then he asked me if I would like to give my life to Jesus Christ.With Mixed emotions, I prayed after him, “Lord Jesus, forgive my every sin. Lord I ask you right now to come into my life & take control, to be my Lord & Saviour, in Jesus name.” That night God became real to me,on a personal level. My life was changed. I met a man who said, “I want to be your friend”. That night in all the confusion, I heard a voice speaking to me & He said “I love you”. I looked at J & said, “What?”. He said, ” I didn’t say anything”. A little while later I heard the voice say ” I put no conditions”. Again I asked if J if he had said anything. He said no. but asked me if I had heard a voice. He told me to say these words if I heard the voice again, ” here I am Lord”. Sure enough I heard the voice again & repeated what J had told me. Then Jesus Christ became real. I later learned that God spoke to Samuel in the Bible in the same way.”

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