Are we human or are we dancers?

by Colin Dexter

What does it mean to be a disciple?

Some have been Christians for only a short time but Gods desire for relationship with us has been from the beginning.

Called to be in the church for each other.

Working together where we can

Encourage rather than judge

Consider others from a God perspective

To be Human

The world asks questions. Are we human or are we dancers?

The picture suggests dancers in a club all moving with the same rhythm & movement.

Who am I?

Can I break free & “dance”  to a different beat and fulfil the full aspiration of what it is meant to be human?


Who am I?

What is God doing in my life?

What kind of follower am I?


Celebrate our humanity the way God intends

To be truly human. The example of Christ.

Phillipians . 2    God became human & lived among us.

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