Was it a red card??

by Colin Dexter

This time of day many debate the results of their football team, the players performance, the referee and whether this was offside or that was a penalty. Was it a flailing arm? Was there intent?

Rob on the radio asks :- Were you there?  Did you see it?  Give me your thoughts.

Our personal hands on view of the game is like  testimony. We become a witness. Just like the disciples in the New Testament , John, Peter, Mark & the thorough Dr Luke. Their witness was not about football but about a person who spoke with authority, did healings & miracles and then was crucified (a miscarriage of justice)and then left an empty grave for which there is still no likely explanation except to believe those who were there at the time that he did in fact rise from the dead.

A game is for one afternoon and can be  soon forgotten. What we think about the witness regarding Jesus Christ is eternal.


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